10 Things My Parents Did Right

I wouldn’t be the person or the parent that I am today if it weren’t for my fabulous parents, so I was excited when I saw that Lisa from The Sprog chose “10 Things My Parents Did Right” for this week’s Monday Listicles topic. I could probably come up with 1,000 things my parents did right, but I’ll settle with the top 10:
1) They chose me to be their daughter – this is definitely the best thing they did 🙂
2) They have always been supportive of my hobbies. From my love for dance, to my desire to play piano, to my dreams of taking acting classes – they made it happen, and they supported me through each class I took.
3) They taught me the importance of working for what you achieve. They didn’t just hand things to me when I asked for them, they made me work for what I wanted. If I wanted to borrow the car, I had to wash it and put some gas in the tank. Working for what I wanted made me appreciate the privileges that came as a result of my hard work.
4) They didn’t expect perfection, but they did expect me to do my best. I wasn’t expected to bring home As on my report card, but I was encouraged to try my hardest, and my personal successes were always celebrated.
5) They have always been loving towards each other, and have shown me through their relationship what to look for in a husband and in a long-lasting marriage.

6) My parents fed me healthy foods, teaching me to take care of my body. I wasn’t allowed to have fast food or sugary cereals (except for on special ocassions), and thanks to them, I have never had a cavity in my life!

7) They let me choose my own path in life. Instead of trying to push me to do something that they wanted me to do, they allowed me to explore my options, and to make my own decisions on what I wanted to do with my future.

8) My dad taught me these 10 important things that have shaped the person that I am today.

9) And my mom taught me these 10 important things that have shaped the person that I am today.

10) By having wonderful parents who have taught me how to live, how to love and how to grow, I have in turn become a parent who is hopefully doing all of the same right things for my lovely little ones.

My parents and I at a 70s-themed birthday party – no, my mom doesn’t really have an afro


  1. That’s a great picture of you and your parents. They sound like lovely people and they sure raised a lovely woman! 🙂

  2. I love #7. I hope I can be that kind of mom to my preteen. They sound like fantastic parents.

  3. You’re so right – these are things that are passed down from generation to generation. Kudos to your parents for having so much love and wisdom to give and for passing it on to you!

  4. Love the pic! What great people!

  5. Your list is so inspiring. Love the picture. Ellen

  6. Great list! 🙂

  7. Love it!

  8. That picture is too cute. I love your list and it is great.

  9. what a wonderfully inspiring and loving list! And I went back and read about how you came to “bee.” so fabulous. it made me cry a little because I doubt I will ever re-connect with my biological father….but what you say about having created your own little tree – so precious and true.
    Also, I was kind of disappointed to learn that wasn’t your moms’ real hair. LOL

  10. Your parents sound amazing. My parents also believed that we should work for things, and, as an adult, I now have the same thoughts and understand that the world is not just going to hand things over to me. Sadly, there are a lot of people who do think that way. What a wonderful list.

  11. Not to mention they look like a whole lot of fun!

  12. Wonderful list. I love what you said in #5. I often feel I lack this. I spend so much time loving my son I worry he never sees me show my husband the love I feel for him. And how we treat each other is the mold he will base s relationships on,

  13. A very nice tribute to your parents.

  14. Love the 70’s themed birthday party idea. You guys look great!

  15. Glad you explained the photo!!! I was starting to think you were all a bunch of hippies 😉

  16. This makes me smile and feel great! How many children out there FEEL that they are wanted? Its something that is so important and often overlooked. I love your parents style and strive to do those same things as my own child grows. Beautiful list today!

  17. And they’re fun too!! Lucky:)

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