A Wild 5th Birthday

“You are your child’s keeper until she’s mature enough to keep herself.”
– Laura Ramirez

Five years ago today, she made me a mama. A pretty big feat for such a small little girl.
This birthday was a big deal to me – a milestone that symbolized the transition from baby girl to big girl. In September, she dips her little toes into the sea of independence, and this mama’s been freaking out about this next step for quite some time.
But today, we celebrated my little Princess, and this year, we went big.
For the party theme, we went with Strawberry Shortcake, one of my girl’s favourites. To match the decor, I decided to make strawberry plants as the take-home gifts for our guests.
Only 5, and she already has a green thumb. The perfect gift to share one of her favourite hobbies with her friends.
My girl has had a very mature-for-her-age love for animals, and talks at length about wanting to one day become an animal rescuer, so I thought it would be fitting to have some wild critters at her party (thanks to the fabulous Cinemazoo – check it out local mommies!).
Snapping turtle
The kids sat still for an entire hour, definitely worth the money!
Yep, that’s a real skunk. In. My. House.
The kids were enthralled, the parents were impressed, and it was all fun and games….
Until THIS happened.

I was NOT impressed by the tarantula, who seemed to keep wanting to climb onto my lady lumps
Did I happen to mention that I’m TERRIFIED of spiders? I was sweating buckets, and it’s quite possible that I may have at one point looked at the spider and said “SHUT UP” in front of a room full of children when it started to move up my body.
My brave little girl on the other hand, didn’t even squirm when she was called up to wear a snake on her neck. She did it like a pro, with the assistance of her “Prince”.

I love that they’re holding hands, sweet things

After an hour and 20 wild animals, the animal rescuers and their little friends were off, and it was time for birthday cake.


And of course, the obligatory family photo:

Despite the rain outside, my girl had a wonderful party, and was so happy to celebrate the day with all of her favourite people.
And while I just might not be able to sleep tonight….
It was all worth it for my big girl.


  1. Oh, I could have NEVER done the tarantula thing! (And I think I might have also been just a little nervous about the whole skunk-in-the-house thing…) What an interesting and fun birthday party! My son turns 6 in 3 weeks and I am now in the thick of party planning myself. (I think I’ll skip the spiders and skunks though – hehe ;))

  2. I cannot believe you allowed a gigantic spider to come anywhere near you! Looks like you threw an amazing party for your girl. Good job, mom!

  3. I got goosebumps when I saw the tarantula picture!! Only a mom could be so brave 🙂 Great post – love the party giveaway. My little girl will be 5 next month so I totally know the transition you’re going through.

  4. Oh my goodness I would cry with the tarantula’s lol!!! I am glad I am not the only one that would freak out lol!!!

    I found you via the vancouver mom top 30!! Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

  5. The things we do for love. Good for you, braving the tarantula!

  6. I just realized that I never left a comment when I linked up earlier. Love the pics and I think I would have run screaming if someone had put a tarantula on me. You are brave. Happy 5th Birthday to your cutie.

  7. Girlfriend, you are so brave with that spider on you!
    Cute birthday party idea.
    Missed you while I was on vacation.
    Glad to see you’re one of Vancouver’s Mom Blogger finalists this year!
    I nominated you 🙂

  8. Wow, I’m a mom too but there is no way I am ever going to wear a tarantula!! Just stopping by to say hello to a fellow top 30 blogger. Hope to meet you at the big party in June.
    Cheers, Lori

  9. Okay…I just had to lift my feet off the floor because You Just Never Know…one could be crawling near me Right Now!! it’s hard to type with your feet in the air..didya know?
    Great quote. awesome party. love the cake and the take home gifts. My kids went to a wild animal party once too….still talk about it. I can’t believe how fearless they are.
    ok…my abs are dying here in this position.. bye bye

  10. That looks like a great party idea. I may look into that for a field trip for my class.

  11. Wowzer! Looks like a great party but, eh hem, no spiders on the lady lumps – thank you very much! *LOL*

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