{FAMILY} 5 Things To Consider Before You Get A Family Pet

The other day, this tear-jerker of a video came across my Facebook feed (watch it until the end, and make sure you have kleenex on hand). Not only was it the cause of many tears, but the video sparked a slew of comments about pet adoption and abuse, and shed light on a big problem in regards […]

{FAMILY} Don’t Judge A Dalmatian By Its Spots

I was walking my Dalmatian at my favourite dog park the other day, when I overheard the same hushed commentary hiss through the tight lips of passersby. “Ohh Dalmatians, they’re cute but they’re SO hyper….” they sneered. And I get it – for some reason Dalmatians have gained a bad rap – likely due to the surge of poorly-treated […]

Do These Spots Make My Ass Look Fat?

Check me out, livin the life – pre-babies They call me Keyla (short for Tequilla), and I’m a Dalmatian (duh, obviously). I know I’m cute, but after 9 years with my parents, looks don’t seem to matter anymore. The honeymoon’s over for this dog. I’m no longer the baby, and I frickin’ hate it. I used […]

My Life As A Dog (Monday Listicles)

Today I’m going to use animal-related comparisons to describe the challenges I face on a daily basis. 1) Trying to get my toddler to sleep is like trying to catch a mosquito – it’s challenging to do, it takes a lot of patience, and you don’t want to quit until you get the job done. […]