Bits of Bee Turns 5

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. My little blog has been buzzing along for 5 years now, and boy what a ride it has been. This past week, my family and I enjoyed a peaceful, fun-filled, (mostly) unplugged week by our favourite lake, and on my official blogiversary (July 30), I took a […]

{FAMILY} This Is My Success Story

Some may think that leaving a “dream job” with the Vancouver Canucks to pursue a part-time writing career is more of a cautionary tale that a true success story, but I’m proud of the path that I’ve chosen. Yes, the money pales in comparison to that of a full-time corporate job. And yes, freelance work can […]

Is Social Media Making Us Unsocial?

When I first watched this viral video, I was speechless. My heart sank and I felt as if I had failed at the simple act of enjoying life and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Was I isolating those that I love in favour of technology? Were my days wasting away amongst a sea of hash […]

I Just Blogged A Little In My Mouth

I’ve been thinking about my journey as a writer a lot lately. Where my journey began, why I love it, what motivates me to write, and where I want my writing to take me. Before The Blog When I was six years old, I wrote my first book. I remember stapling together a stack of lined paper, […]

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

2013 has definitely been a big year for our family. A year full of new and exciting experiences, ups and downs. 2014 promises to bring new adventures, and I’m welcoming the new year with open arms. As a farewell to this last year, here are my 10 favourite blog posts of 2013: Will You Tell […]

GLAM: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at This Year’s Top 30 Mom Blogger Event

It’s hard to believe that only a year ago, I came out as a blogger. While I had been blogging for quite awhile longer, I was hesitant to reveal my true identity to the social media world. I had been hiding behind the “bits of bee” name, and the mysteriously discreet avatar that I still […]

Coming Out

ON COMING OUT (AS A BLOGGER) It’s been just over a year since my very first blog post. When I first made the decision to start a blog, I was a bit (ok, a lot) shy about it. Everything associated with my blog – the name, the associated Twitter and Instagram accounts, and even the email […]