{FAMILY} 8 Things That Made Me “The Worst Mom EVER” (Today)

Along with having an 8-year-old daughter comes an elevated level of sass. As she tries to navigate through her pre- pre-teen years and all of the emotions that accompany this fragile age, her strong will and desire for independence are unparalleled, and her emotional ebbs and flows completely a mystery to us as parents. And as […]

{FAMILY} In My Daughter’s Shoes

I have vivid memories of what it was like to be 8. I can still remember how it felt to curl my tongue into the gaps of my missing teeth. I remember suddenly feeling butterflies in the pit of my stomach while talking to a boy in my class that I had known for years, unsure […]

Preparing For Baby #3: Room Sharing

While I now have a large and diverse family, most of my childhood was spent as an only child with a single parent, so watching my children grow together as siblings has been a new experience for me. When we bought our house, I thought we had planned it perfectly – a separate room for […]

How Blogging Has Changed My Life

I had started my blog as a way to foster my passion for writing and photography. I didn’t have plans to monetize it, or to generate an extensive number of followers. It was simply about having a creative outlet – somewhere to share my thoughts and stories on my journey through life as a career mama of two. In […]

Change Ahead

Today’s post is inspired by the word “change”, and by the phenomenal weekend I’ve enjoyed with my family – which has renewed my positive outlook on my busy but precious life. I’m going to start my week by focusing less on venting about the things I cannot change, and focusing more on changing my attitude towards the things I […]