{FAMILY} Wish List: Holiday Outfits For Kids

Each year I create a photo book to gift to my parents and in-laws for Christmas. The photo books highlight memorable moments from from of our year – lost teeth, birthdays, dance recitals, vacations – and each book is always finished off with a photo of my children sitting on Santa’s knee. With my oldest child in her eighth year, we’ve created quite a collection of these books and holiday Santa photos – they have become valuable keepsakes for both our family and the grandparents who receive the books as gifts.

The outfits that my children wear for their photo with Santa and for our family Christmas dinners over the holidays are an important part of the holidays for me. Christmas is one of the few times that I get to dress up my children and snap formal photos of them together to include in those special keepsakes of their grandparents. If it weren’t for the promise of holiday cheer, it would be nearly impossible for me to capture my little munchkins in such happy spirits together.

This year I’d love to dress them in similar outfits – and these three brands have exactly what I’m looking for – but I can’t decide which way to go – fancifully formal? Playfully casual? Or Modernly monochromatic? Here are some of my favourites, maybe you can help me to decide:

Fancifully Formal – Redfish Kids

Kids Holiday Outfits

I was recently invited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular, high-end children’s clothing brand Redfish Kids, and I couldn’t stop drooling over their holiday collection. Assertively stylish and made of high-quality fabrics such as velvet and taffeta, their formal frocks and handsome velvet pieces were simply adorable! My picks: the Simon says vest for my boy, and the Dolce dress for my girls.

Playfully Casual Yet Chic – Peekaboo BeansKids Holiday Outfits

What I love most about the Peekaboo Beans holiday collection is the promising longevity of their products. Their holiday outfits are dressy enough for Christmas dinner, yet comfy/casual enough for my kids to wear to school and for playtime after the holidays have passed. My picks: The Rockslide Leggings and Dazzl’n Dress for my girls, and the cute yet casual Ranger Pants and Looking Good Pullover for my boy.

Modernly Monochromatic – VonBon


I just can’t resist a clean, black and white look for the holidays, and Von Bon‘s latest line hits the mark when it comes to fresh, fashion-forward kids wear. The swoon-worthy outfits pictured above would pair perfectly with the red accents of the holidays (and our Dalmatian too!), and the modern pattern screams chic! Not to mention, these adorable styles could be recycled throughout the year.

Which looks do you like best? 

5 Christmas Songs That Won’t Give You A Migraine

Christmas is in 5 days and I couldn’t be more excited! School’s over, I’m “working lite” (when you’re self employed, it’s impossible to completely turn it off), the Christmas shopping is (almost) complete, and the eggnog is chilling in the fridge. Holiday mode is in full swing and so are the festive tunes that are filling my ears everywhere I go!

I’m so in love with music, almost every genre, but when it comes to Christmas songs, there are some that make me cringe – migraine-inducing, nails-on-chalkboard shrieking, repetitive tunes that I can’t bear to listen to for another holiday season (jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the…shhhht). So to save your ears (and your sanity), I thought I would share with you 5 songs that won’t give you a migraine this Christmas.

Christmas Songs

1) Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal) – Vince Guaraldi Trio (A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack)

2) Last Christmas – Wham! (watch the video for a giggle – 1984 George Michael, need I say more?)

3) Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – The Rosettes

4) So This Is Christmas – John Lennon

5) What Christmas Means To Me – Stevie Wonder

If you’re too lazy to make your own Christmas soundtrack, check out all of the great holiday playlists on Songza – including “A Mad Men Christmas”, “Classy Christmas”, “Wild Christmas” and a ton of other great lists!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Songza, I just really love their App. 

Wishing you all a peaceful, stress-free, love-filled holiday season, from my family to yours.

Happy Holidays

The #1 Thing My Husband and I Fight About Over The Holidays

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and the halls all decked with boughs of holly. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? Well as much as I LOVE Christmas, there are a few things that come up each and every year that cause the hubs and I to toss aside the holiday merriment in favour of bickering over the tiniest of holiday details. And while there’s a list of things that fill our roster of holiday mini-battles, there is ONE disagreement that comes up every single year that we have yet to resolve: THE HOLIDAY DECOR. I blame the differing childhood family traditions for this one.

“The stocking were hung by the chimney with care”

I grew up with beautifully-embroidered, personalized stockings (with our names in the same fonts of course!), hung in a perfect row, evenly spaced, in one or two of the primary holiday colours that complimented the white and gold accents that surrounded our home. So naturally, I envisioned my mantel to look something like this:

Christmas Stockings

Clean, simple and elegant in my opinion. Who doesn’t love a Martha Stewart-esque display?

My husband, that’s who.

He grew up with a family tradition of decorating the mantel with handmade stockings made by each member of the family. All different patterns and colours, in varying sizes, shapes and materials. Names weren’t needed as each stocking was so unique to its owner that there was never a question as to who each stocking belonged to. His family’s fireplace decor was festive, colourful, inviting, warm, and sentimental. And I’m not saying that I hate this idea – I just come from a different place.

I think he envisioned our mantel to look a little more like this:

Christmas Stockings

Cute, just…not my style.

“Oh Tannenbaum”

And the Christmas tree. While I grew up with a monochromatic, look-but-don’t-touch, window display style Christmas tree, decorated in white and gold ornaments and sprinkled with baby’s breath and fresh flowers similar to this one:

Christmas Tree

The hubs grew up with a more kid-focused, rainbow-coloured, tinsel-laden version of the holiday shrub, similar to this one:

Christmas Tree

He doesn’t understand why I cringe when my children hang their unmatching ornaments around the bottom of the tree, and why I won’t let them wrap the tree in a sea of sparkly silver and blue tinsel. He just doesn’t get that I like to have only white lights evenly spaced, and each ornament hung at an equal distance from each other, in matching colour sequence from top to bottom, with only the most dainty of ornamental pieces. And I don’t think we will ever fully agree on which decorative style is better for the holidays.

So there you have it, every year when I bring out the box of Christmas decorations, the battle begins. The hubs rolls his eyes and begins with the same questions: Why do we have to use these ugly stockings with our names on them? Why can’t we use the stockings from when we were kids? Or We should get blue decorations for the tree and decorate it with lots of tinsel!

No and no thank you.

This year I’m giving in and biting my tongue. Not really because I’m being nice or fair, but more because I’ve been forced to against my will. With a new addition to the family, and a store that no longer carries the matching personalized stockings that we’ve used in the past, we’ve had to mix it up a bit. So this Christmas our mantel looks like this:

Christmas Stockings

And our tree – decorated only by our children (which explains the undecorated top and back of the tree, and giant bow), looks like this:

Christmas Tree

And you know what? Seeing the proud smiles on my children’s faces (and my husband’s face because he’s finally getting his way this year), makes it all worthwhile. Kind of.