Unleashing Our Disney Side

Let’s face it, for many of us parents Disney vacations aren’t just for the children. While a Disney vacation may be a magical jaunt for the little ones — a fun way to unite in a fun-filled, virtually rules-free environment — it’s also a welcome opportunity for parents to lose all inhibitions and succumb to […]

There’s No Party Like A Disney Costume Party

Since taking her first steps and speaking her first words, my daughter has loved Disney princesses. For hours she would play in her room, adorned in tiaras and floor-length gowns, serving tea to the guests in her princess castle and speaking gently in a high-pitched princess voice. When her game was complete, the floor of […]

A Disney Dream Come True

I’ve written a few posts on how blogging has changed my life and the fantastic opportunities that have come to me through my humble little writing space in the blogosphere. I’ve also shared with you my first family vacation experience with my little ones – a Mexican cruise with some of our closest family members. While […]