{FAMILY} 9 Reasons Why 9 Is Going To Be The Best Age

I’m going to preface this by saying that every age seems to be the best age – especially with your first child. Every time my oldest has a birthday, I quietly wish that time would stop. I don’t want her to get any older, this year was the best age ever – I think to myself. And every year, it seems to only get better.

Best Age

Yes, the level of sass seems to grow faster than her feet. But with the added sass comes so many other wonderful qualities in my daughter. Here are 9 reasons why I think this new age – the age of 9 – is going the best age (yet):

1) Goodbye booster seat! One less piece of equipment taking up space in my car. No more worrying about carrying along a booster when taking cabs or planes or riding with friends. One down, two to go!

2) Still mom’s biggest fan. She may be too cool to kiss me goodbye at school, but she still looks up to me and values my opinion. She loves spending mother-daughter time together and openly looks up to me. I’m going to soak it up while I can cause I know this one will fade as she becomes a preteen.

3) She’s developing her own personality. She’s funny, creative and kind. She’s at an age where she does what she wants – and thankfully (so far), she makes the right decisions.

4) We can hang out. Like, for real. We can go out for lunch, go for pedis, or enjoy a day of shopping, and I don’t have to worry about bringing a diaper bag full of tricks, interfering with nap times or competing with friends. She loves hanging out with me, and I cherish every moment we spend together.

5) She listens (well, most of the time). When I give her advice, she listens. She trusts my instincts, opinions and experiences, and values my input.

6) She tells me her secrets. It does take a little prying sometimes, but I’m doing my best to establish a trusting relationship with my daughter. It can sometimes take a lot of work, but I know establishing trust is vital as she approaches her teen years.

7)  She’s becoming her own individual person. When they’re younger we decide how they dress. We often create miniature versions of ourselves, dressing them up in clothes we love. But now that she’s older with her own personality, she’s developing her own style (with my gentle guidance of course).

8) She has her own interests. Until now, I’ve taken the lead on the selection of her extracurricular activities (with her input on new things she’d like to try). This year, I’m shifting gears. I think she’s now tried enough of a variety of activities so I’m letting her take the lead in making the picks for next year.

9) She still believes. While she’s proven to be her own person, she still maintains that childhood innocence – and this may be the last year. She still believes in the tooth fairy and Santa, but she asks a lot of questions. I fear for the moment that she realizes the truth, and savour the moments of magic while they’re still here.

Emma Says: When I Grow Up, I Want To Be…

My daughter Emma may only be five, but she is full of aspirations.

When I was her age, all I wanted to do was to become a dancer. It was all I thought about, and I danced to my heart’s content all throughout my childhood. However life took me on a different path, leading me to a long career in marketing. And while I love what I do, I sometimes wonder, what would my life have been like had I followed my dreams of becoming a professional dancer?

Emma has told me that she won’t settle for just one career, she has ten things she’d like to do. For her, the sky’s the limit! Once, when she was three, she said to me, “Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a mommy AND I want to work.” That’s my girl.
So today, I’ve done a little interview with Emma. Here’s what she had to say to my question: “What are ten things you’d like to do when you grow up?” (in her own words):
1) I would like to be a singer like Taylor Swift.
2) I would like to rescue animals like cheetahs and horses.
3) I would like to be a Kindergarten teacher, because I would get to teach all the kids really nice things.
4) I would like to be a horse rider like my auntie Jillian does. A brown horse.
5) I would like to be a doctor, because I would get to help people.
6) I would like to make games like Angry Birds.
7) I would to be an owner of a movie theatre because then I would get to make sure that everyone would be safe in the movie theatre, and I would get to see all of the movies.
8) I would like to make toys, like Polly Pockets.
9) I would like to write books so that I can make a good story.
10) I would like to own a store, like Save-On-Foods, because it’s a very nice place with lots of food.
So there you have it, my girl’s going to be a singer/animal rescuer/teacher/horse rider/doctor/graphic designer/theatre owner/toy maker/author/store owner. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her, and I will encourage her to follow her dreams no matter where her life takes her.


What do your children want to do when they grow up?