Spring Break: Exploring Our Favourite BC Destinations

Our original plan was to spend our 2 week Spring Break vacation checking off items on our infinitely long to-do list. Fix this, clean that, buy this, build that. Sounds exciting, right? But when the first day of vacation arrived, we thought we’d throw that plan out the window and enjoy what might be our […]

My Love Affair With Granville Island

I’m one of the fortunate few who was born and raised right in the centre of the most beautiful city in the world, Vancouver BC. Even more fortunate, I was able to spend the majority of my¬†childhood living amongst the lovely scenery of Graville Island, a small community and main tourist attraction near the centre […]

A Beachin’ September Saturday

After a torturous Friday night from hell – which included such events as bathing my dog 3 times in a row after she had been stink-sprayed 2 inches from her face by an angry skunk at midnight, coinciding with an inconsolable toddler who cried continuously from 11pm until I finally managed to get him down […]