{FAMILY} 9 Reasons Why 9 Is Going To Be The Best Age

I’m going to preface this by saying that every age seems to be the best age – especially with your first child. Every time my oldest has a birthday, I quietly wish that time would stop. I don’t want her to get any older, this year was the best age ever – I think to myself. And every year, it seems to only get better.

Best Age

Yes, the level of sass seems to grow faster than her feet. But with the added sass comes so many other wonderful qualities in my daughter. Here are 9 reasons why I think this new age – the age of 9 – is going the best age (yet):

1) Goodbye booster seat! One less piece of equipment taking up space in my car. No more worrying about carrying along a booster when taking cabs or planes or riding with friends. One down, two to go!

2) Still mom’s biggest fan. She may be too cool to kiss me goodbye at school, but she still looks up to me and values my opinion. She loves spending mother-daughter time together and openly looks up to me. I’m going to soak it up while I can cause I know this one will fade as she becomes a preteen.

3) She’s developing her own personality. She’s funny, creative and kind. She’s at an age where she does what she wants – and thankfully (so far), she makes the right decisions.

4) We can hang out. Like, for real. We can go out for lunch, go for pedis, or enjoy a day of shopping, and I don’t have to worry about bringing a diaper bag full of tricks, interfering with nap times or competing with friends. She loves hanging out with me, and I cherish every moment we spend together.

5) She listens (well, most of the time). When I give her advice, she listens. She trusts my instincts, opinions and experiences, and values my input.

6) She tells me her secrets. It does take a little prying sometimes, but I’m doing my best to establish a trusting relationship with my daughter. It can sometimes take a lot of work, but I know establishing trust is vital as she approaches her teen years.

7)  She’s becoming her own individual person. When they’re younger we decide how they dress. We often create miniature versions of ourselves, dressing them up in clothes we love. But now that she’s older with her own personality, she’s developing her own style (with my gentle guidance of course).

8) She has her own interests. Until now, I’ve taken the lead on the selection of her extracurricular activities (with her input on new things she’d like to try). This year, I’m shifting gears. I think she’s now tried enough of a variety of activities so I’m letting her take the lead in making the picks for next year.

9) She still believes. While she’s proven to be her own person, she still maintains that childhood innocence – and this may be the last year. She still believes in the tooth fairy and Santa, but she asks a lot of questions. I fear for the moment that she realizes the truth, and savour the moments of magic while they’re still here.

{FAMILY} 4 Reasons To Love Peekaboo Beans


Many of you have already heard of this fabulous clothing brand for kids, but do you know where Peekaboo Beans got their name?

The name stemmed from a game the Founder used to play with her kids – she would squeeze edamame beans out of their pods in a fun and playful way while shouting “Peekaboo Beans!” as a way to encourage her children to eat their vegetables. Who knew a silly name from a mealtime game would plant the seeds for a play revolution!

I’m so excited to have been selected as an Ambassador for Peekaboo Beans, and thought I would start by sharing the top 4 reasons why I love this brand.

#1: Founder and Queen Bean – Traci Costa.

Local mom and passionate advocate for play, Traci Costa started Peekaboo Beans on a mission to provide parents with well-made, no-fuss, comfortable play wear for children. Traci gives back to the community by creating jobs both locally and overseas, and improves the lives of children living in war-torn countries through charitable partnerships.

#2: Ethically-made high quality clothing for kids.

Peekaboo Beans doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to manufacturing their products. With a focus on quality not quantity, the play wear is created following a very strict manufacturing code of ethics, ensuring high quality production in a safe and ethical work environment.

Peekaboo Beans

#3: Employment opportunities for moms.

Eager to maintain control of her brand and to make an impact on the world, Traci developed a business model designed to create local jobs, with a focus on providing opportunities for moms to generate additional income while promoting the brand they have grown to love.

“Work without missing the moments that matter.”

Play Stylists enjoy being part of a supportive community, with flexible work schedules, great compensation, and product rewards plans.

#4: The PLAY Revolution.

Through various play-focused initiatives, Peekaboo Beans connects parents and their children with various opportunities to get outdoors, connect with like-minded families, and enjoy the power of everyday active play. Initiatives include:

Pop-Up Playdates – organized, unstructured meet ups to encourage parents and their children to play at various playgrounds and outdoor locations.

Play-Ducation – a series of workshops with industry leaders focused on childhood development tools.

Playground Builders – a grassroots organization that builds playgrounds in war-torn countries.

To learn more about this loveable local brand, check out this video:

Stay tuned for reviews and giveaways throughout the year as I embark on this new journey as an ambassador for this fantastic brand.

In My Daughter’s Shoes

I have vivid memories of what it was like to be 8. I can still remember how it felt to curl my tongue into the gaps of my missing teeth. I remember suddenly feeling butterflies in the pit of my stomach while talking to a boy in my class that I had known for years, unsure of why I was having those funny feelings. I remember feeling self-conscious about my knobby knees, and I can still remember conversations that I had with my best friend.

My oldest daughter is now 8, and I can’t believe that I’m the parent of an 8 year old. Now that she’s at an age that I can remember, parenting somehow feels a bit different to me. My daughter is developing her own personality, experiencing feelings and emotions that I can remember feeling, and I feel more confident as a mother – because I once walked in my daughter’s shoes.

Sure her experiences as an 8-year-old are different than mine were, but I’m hoping that I can help her to navigate through the confusing, exciting, overwhelming, challenging waters as she transitions from child to tween.

mother daughter

The challenge though, is that as she matures, I feel as though my status as “mom” in her eyes is maturing as well. I feel like I’m slowly moving from mom-with-an-enthusiastic-exclamation-mark, to mom-with-a-sarcastic-eye-roll, and I know that it’ll only get more difficult as she moves towards her teen years.

I can still remember suddenly feeling a tinge of embarrassment when my mom kissed me goodbye in front of my friends at school. I can remember rolling my eyes when my mom interrupted my friends and I during a play date, and I can remember crying in my pillow, convinced that my mom was ruining my life because I couldn’t watch TV until my homework was complete.

But I also remember feeling confused about my feelings towards my mom. I remember feeling guilty when I pulled away as she leaned in to give me a kiss, or rolled my eyes, not completely understanding why I was suddenly being so mean to the woman who I looked up to the most. I was suddenly annoyed by my hero – my best friend, and I didn’t understand why.

I’m learning that it’s important to give my daughter the space that she needs to mature. I need to be more conscious of how I speak to her and act around her in the presence of her friends, and most importantly, I’m realizing that it’s more important now than ever to establish a trusting relationship with her that goes beyond the because-I-told-you-so status of mom.

I’m doing my best to teach her that it’s alright to be honest with me about her feelings, even if it means that mine might get hurt. I hope that I’m doing it right, and that I don’t forget that I was once in her shoes, and that my mother was once in mine.

Parenting: Who’s The Boss?

When I was a kid, if I fussed and complained about wanting something (or not wanting to do something), my whiny why’s were immediately put to an end when my mom replied with a finite “My saying so is reason enough!” (her version of the infamous “Because I said so”). When those words were uttered, that was it. I knew I wasn’t going to get my way – my mom had made a decision, and I honoured it.

Nowadays I am constantly witnessing parents who are addressing temper tantrums and disrespectful behaviours with coaxing negotiations, bribery and hugs, and I’m left to wonder – who’s the boss?

I’m not judging the parents who are using these tactics, I know all children are different. I’ve definitely learned through the years that what works with one child, certainly doesn’t mean that it’ll work with all children. When my firstborn acts up, a few stern words about expectations and unacceptable behaviours calm her down.  I explain why her words or actions are not acceptable, and she understands, learns from the experience, and moves on. But my second child, he’s a whole different story.


As I navigate through the challenging waters of parenting, I’m constantly coming across articles and blog posts on the detrimental effects of time outs, consequences, and discipline tactics. And while the idea of correcting the undesirable behaviours by using those moments to teach important life lessons seems ideal, those tactics simply don’t work with every child. If I were to address my son’s screaming and flailing tantrums with a calm discussion about appropriate ways to use his words and communicate his feelings, my words would be met with louder screams and more undesirable behaviours. I confess, I’m not always the boss – but how do I regain my parental control?

I read so much about what we shouldn’t be doing, but I have yet to find a definitive solution to the problem that can be applied to all children. And I know why: because there is no one definitive solution.

What works with one child, will not always work with another. As parents, we know our children best. We know what sets them off, and we do what we can to dissolve the difficult behaviours. If time outs are working for you, do it. If hugging it out calms your child down, hug away! If you’ve discovered a new groundbreaking way to get your children to listen to you – keep on keeping on! But I think the ultimate goal as we raise our little humans is to make it understood that they have to listen to us – that we as parents are the boss.


5 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

I really should have planned  it better. I thought having 2 children with birthdays only 5 days apart would be fun! I thought I could even get away with joint birthday parties for a few years (you know, save a little money). Little did I know, having 2 children with such close birthdays actually means a full month (or two) of complete and utter double birthday party planning chaos. Every. Year. Forever.

I guess it makes sense that my 8 year old doesn’t want to share her special day with her 1 year old sister. So two parties in one week will just have to do – despite my disdain for party planning.

One of the biggest challenges that I have every year is figuring out what to do for each party. Now that I have successfully thrown 14 birthday parties (and counting), I thought I would share with you 5 of my favourite birthday party ideas for kids.

Birthday Party Ideas



My oldest daughter has always loved animals. When she was younger, she talked nonstop about wanting to one day become an animal rescuer, so I thought it would be fitting to have a visit from some wild critters at her 5th birthday party! 20 critters (including a skunk, a flying squirrel and some tarantulas) had the children sitting perfectly still, awestruck and amazed. Instead of the usual dollar-store-stuffed goody bags, each child went home with a monogrammed strawberry plant. This was the perfect indoor party idea, definitely one to add to your birthday party bucket list!

Wild Animals Birthday Party


My girl has always loved the outdoors, literally hugging trees and cuddling bugs whenever she can, so I thought a party at our local Ecology Centre would be the perfect venue to celebrate her big day! The party included a circle time, which covered the anatomy of creatures of the creek, a group craft where the kids each made bug characters to take home (goody bags!), and a nature walk where the kids were shown how to capture the bugs and larvae living in the natural environment that surrounded us. Everyone enjoyed exploring the outdoors!

Nature Birthday Party


For his whole second year, my boy was rarely seen without a hood on his head, and he often only responded to the name “Batman”, so it seemed fitting to throw him a superhero party in celebration of his third year. With a birthday in February, outdoor parties for him were not an option, so I invited his friends over for an indoor party at my home. Each child made their own customized superhero capes (another unique and successful goody bag idea!) and fun was had by all!

Superhero Birthday Party


Thanks to his dad, my little dude has become obsessed with everything Star Wars, so when he pleaded for a Star Wars themed party, how could I resist? Dressed in a stormtrooper costume (of course!), my son and his friends enjoyed an action-packed party at our local Laserdome. The kids loved playing lasertag and dancing in the light space room, and these homemade make-your-own Yoda kits were a huge goody bag win!

Star Wars Birthday Party


I was thrilled when my oldest daughter asked to have her 8th birthday at our local indoor rock climbing centre. She had only tried it once before, and was eager to make it to the top of the wall. It was so fun to watch her friends lift each other up, conquer their fears and cheer each other on as they scaled the walls of the indoor gym. It was an awesome way to celebrate indoors while keeping the kids active.

Rock Climbing Birthday Party

I have so many more birthday parties to plan in the upcoming years, and am always open to new ideas, so please share!


10 Punny Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

While I’m enamoured with the beautifully handmade projects that grace the boards of my Pinterest friends and blogger besties, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m just not a crafty mom. I don’t DIY – I buy.  And while I may not know my way around crafting scissors and punchies, I do appreciate a good play on words. I like to think of writing as my creative outlet – my craft. So while others are sharing their carefully-cropped Valentine’s Day decor, I thought I would share with you 10 Valentine’s cards that gave me a giggle. Puns totally intended.

1) Yoda Best. Thanks to the hubs, my kids have become big Star Wars fans, so this one gave our whole family a geeky giggle.

2) You’re The Obi-Wan For Me. Also Star Wars punny.

(Note: follow the link to download this one and print it at home)

3) Mint To Be Friends. Refreshingly punny.

4) I Only Have Eye For You. Arrr you going to be my Valentine? Endless pirate puns..

5) You’re The Bomb. (Crafty! You can make this too, follow the “Source” link for directions)

6) Love You A Latte. Mama likey. (Printable/DIY – follow the link)

7) Meant to Bee Friends. Because this one is totally on-brand. (Printable via link)

8) I’m Crazy Pho You. Every time I read this, Madonna’s Crazy For You pops into my head…

9) It’s So Mice To Be Your Friend. Cheesy, I know. (see what I did there?)

How-to link below.

10) I Hope You Have A Kickin’ Valentine’s Day. Because ninja. (another printable)

And because I’m on a roll, here are 2 of my all-time favourite cheesy puns (both based on 70s/80s songs):

45443abf47d6f0f0f307fd3ff02ee49e 416UhHPEmJL

I’m joining some blogger friends on a homemade Valentine’s Day craft train – sharing giveable, receivable and edible Valentine’s crafts with our readers. Follow the links below and spread the love!

Mama Papa Bubba – Handmade Valentine’s for Kids
The Write Balance – Delicious Valentine’s Day Treats
Little Miss Mama – Handmade Gifts For Friends



5 Reasons To Love VONBON {Review & Giveaway}

We’ve recently welcomed our third baby into the world, and while we love her to bits, I think she sometimes feels a little neglected. She often spends the entire day in her pyjamas, and while she’s only 4 months old,  I feel like she’s already starting to notice the lack of variety in her wardrobe.

I had been admiring VONBON Childrens Apparel for a long time through my Instagram and Facebook feeds, and was so excited when a little package full of beautifully-wrapped, organic goodies arrived at the door for my little girl.


Cloey looked absolutely adorable in her new trendy garb, and I was pleased to discover that all of their products are not only high-quality and eco-friendly, but also fashionable and unique! After having enjoyed the VONBON experience firsthand, I thought I would share with you 5 reasons to love VONBON:

1) VONBON IS STYLISH. Incorporating modern designs with neutral colour palettes, VONBON products are perfect for any age, gender, and lifestyle. Their designs are fresh, and offer a fashion-forward alternative to the drab, colourless children’s clothes that are marketed as “gender neutral” in most shops.

2) VONBON IS LOCAL. I love supporting local businesses, and their products and apparel are designed and crafted right here in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

3) VONBON IS ORGANIC. Their products are made using certified organic cotton, and their fabrics are carefully crafted using water-based inks, making them safe for the environment and your little one’s sensitive skin.


4) VONBON IS QUALITY. From the personalized notes that arrive with their orders, to the high-quality, premium fabrics and designs they use, their little touches make them a truly unique and stylish line of clothing.

5) VONBON IS UNIQUE. Each pattern is designed by the VONBON team, and the products have been created with the ability to mix-and-match every item, allowing their customers to create their own unique look and style.


Not only do I love VONBON for my own little girl, but I think their products would make the perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, and special occasions. Want to get your VONBON on?

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Bits of Bee readers can enjoy a 15% off discount when using the code “BITSOFBEE”. Click on the image below to start shopping now. Note: Offer only valid from October 7, 2014 – October 31, 2014.


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Third Child Problems

The name’s Cloey, and while I might only be 3.5 months old, I have a lot to say. Too bad no one’s listening to me because I’m the third child.

third child

My mom’s busy right now (big surprise). She’s combing my big sister’s hair into a slick bun for ballet class and nattering on and on about how important it is for her to write sentences in her journal since school’s out due to some “teacher’s strike” (whatever that is). My dad’s off kicking the soccer ball around with my brother in the front yard, and my dog, well she doesn’t even care that I exist. Since no one’s paying attention to me, I thought I’d take a break from batting around the stupid toys that dangle above my face on the mat that I’m always lying on (I can’t really control my arms so I’m not sure why they keep torturing me like that anyways). Instead, I thought I’d take over my mom’s “blog” (wtf, sounds like something you’d find in my diaper) and share some thoughts on what it’s really like to be the third child. Spoiler alert: it’s no midnight boob snack.

When I came into this world, I was greeted by 4 sets of sparkly brown eyes, oochy-coochy sounds, and wide grins. I thought I had it made – so much attention, how could I not love it? But things have changed in the last 3.5 months. Ya I still feel the love, but I know it’s only temporary. I could go on forever about how tough my life is, but since I can hear my mom packing up the diaper bag, I’m gonna make this quick.

third child

5 things that suck about being the third child:

1) I often wear my pyjamas all. day. long. I see all of these trendy kid fashionistas rocking it on Instagram. Kids in mini fedoras and distressed jeans, wearing scarves around their necks like they rule the world. And then there’s me, wearing the same puke-stained polka-dotted sleeper that I wore to bed last night. One word mommy: accessorize.

2) I have no toys. I know my sister and brother lived a life of luxury, swimming in a sea of newly-purchased, age-appropriate toys. I, on the other hand, am left to play with a faded excuse for a rubber giraffe (I think it was once one of those awesome “Sophie le Giraffe” things I’ve seen). Oh, and a moist spit up cloth that they tuck into my hand for me to chew on. Thanks mom, that’s what I really wanted (not).

3) I’m ALWAYS in the car. If I have to get buckled into that stupid five-harness bucket seat one more time, I swear I’m gonna spit up in my mom’s face (actually, I might just  do that anyways, for shits and giggles, teehee). I swear, every time I’m finishing off a sippa nook nook and getting dozy (there’s nothing like a milk coma. I’m serious, nothing.), it’s off to the car so my siblings can go to school, dance, soccer, swimming, the library. No one ever asks me where I want to go.

4) I spend more time looking at the back of an iPhone than I do looking at my mommy’s face. I’ve made a game of this – I stare and stare at her with a blank look on my face, just waiting. When she glances at me over the top of her stupid phone to make sure I’m still breathing, I put on my biggest smile and reward her with a little giggle, just to show her what she’s missing. It works 2/3 times.

5) I don’t get any peace and quiet. For once, it would be nice to just fall into a deep milk-enduced coma without the shrill shrieks of my sister, or the loud roars of my brother, or the barking (oh the barking!) from my dog. Dude, I just want to take an uninterrupted nap, is that too much to ask for? I mean, I’m a baby, it’s what I’m supposed to do.

So there you have it – my life in a nutshell. And while my family is busy “learning” and “talking” and “eating solid foods” together, I’m going to be studying everything they do, and learning a thing or two from this genius. And when I pop out my first word and take my first step, they had better be ready. That. Is. All.

Cloey xo


Summer Bucket List: 20 Things To Do With Kids

This Summer I will be home alone with all three of my kids. No Summer camps, no work, just Mama Bee plus three little honeys. And while I feel fortunate to have the Summer months off with my little ones this year, I’ve been dreading the daunting task of filling the approximately 40 weekdays with activities for the kids and I to enjoy. Activities that are affordable, engaging, and fun for all ages. With this task in mind, I’ve created a bucket list of 20 things for us to do.

Bucket List

1) Discover New Hobbies. My daughter has recently expressed an interest in skateboarding, and my son has just finished a Turf & Tots intro to soccer program. I’m hoping that with a little practice over the Summer, these new interests will evolve into lifelong hobbies.

2) Try Geocaching. I’ve been hearing about geocaching for a few years now but have yet to try it out. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt involving a GPS-based App and hidden treasures which can be found in various locations all over the world. It sounds like a great way to engage the whole family in a fun outdoor adventure!

3) Test The Taste Buds. I’d like to try to cook one new recipe per week over the Summer months. I have a slow cooker that has never been used, and a pile of delicious dessert recipes that have been waiting to challenge my beginner-level baking skills.

4) Go On A Day Trip. While a vacation may not be within our family budget this Summer, I’d love to take the kids on a day trip to a fun local destination such as Harrison Hot Springs, Whistler or Cultus Lake.

5) Enjoy Fish & Chips in Steveston. My best friend lives in the quaint fishing village so you’d think I frequent the area often, however due to the distance from our home, my kids and I rarely make the trek. This Summer it’s a must do on our list.

6) Explore The Newly-Expanded Vancouver Aquarium. The Aquarium has been a construction zone for ages and is finally ready to share their biggest expansion ever. I can’t wait to check out their big reveal and see all the new additions and changes they’ve made.

7) Complete the Summer Reading Program. Thanks to the efforts of the BC Library Association, a great Summer reading program is in place, focused on encouraging young readers to keep reading during the Summer months. My daughter loved completing the program last Summer and can’t wait to do it again.

8) Enjoy Movies For Mommies. When I had my first baby, I was introduced to Movies for Mommies, a family-friendly movie theatre viewing experience created for the comfort and enjoyment of parents with little ones in tow. It has been years since my last visit, and this would be a great rainy-day activity for us to enjoy.

9) Visit The Lions, Tigers and Bears. It has been over 3 years since our last visit to the Greater Vancouver Zoo so I think we’re due to make the trek out there.

10) Master Swimming. Swimming has been a bit of a challenge in our family. My oldest has taken lessons since her baby years, but doesn’t seem to enjoy the life skill, and therefore has yet to make it past the Tiny Tots swimming levels. I’m hoping a few visits to Vancouver’s array of outdoor pools and nearby lakes will spark her interest.

11) Enjoy A Picnic Dinner In Deep Cove. This is definitely something we’d like to do more often this year. Only 5 minutes from our home, Deep Cove is the perfect setting for an early evening family picnic by the ocean.

12) Stroll Through Stanley Park. Recently ranked as the #1 park in the world, Stanley Park offers the perfect picturesque setting for a day of family fun outdoors.

13) Splash Around At The Granville Island Waterpark. A day in Granville Island, my favourite Vancouver destination, is a must-do on my annual Summer bucket list. Not only does Granville Island offer delicious food, beautiful scenery and fun shopping, but their waterpark is a fantastic way for the kids to cool off on a warm Summer’s day.

 14) Tour Vancouver By Boat. One of our family’s favourite things to do in the Summer is to ride around the shores of our beautiful city on our little boat. A full day of picnicking, dipping in the ocean, and zooming around on the water is the perfect way to enjoy a Summer day outdoors.

15) Go Fly A Kite. On a windy Summer’s day, we love to take our little kite to one of our local beaches for a little kite-flying fun. Our favourite spots on the North Shore to fly a kite are on the West Vancouver beaches of Ambleside and Dundarave.

16) Take A Hike. I plan on taking the kids for lots of little hiking jaunts around our neck of the woods – the stroller-friendly walking trails of the North Shore.

17) Visit With Family. With a new baby in our family, I’m hoping to visit our family in Gibsons, Victoria and Prince George this Summer.

18) Take In A Parade. We will definitely attend the annual Canada Day parade in our neighbourhood, and hope to make it out to the Sea Cavalcade for more parade fun in Gibsons this Summer as well!

19) Go Tubing. With the river steps from our front door, tubing is a Summer must!

20) Visit An Ecology Centre. Our local Ecology Centre is a great place to spend a few hours indoors with the kids on a rainy day. Offering educational, interactive displays, and an array of toys for hands-on fun, the Ecology Centre is a great place to learn and play!

Do you have any fun activities for kids to add to my Summer bucket list?









And Then There Were Three

It was a long journey, but my heart is so full as I welcome into our family our newest little one – Cloey Violet Bujan.

Born by scheduled C-section on May 28th, my sweet little baby girl entered this world and completed our family.

Baby 1


Due to a long list of complications that arose during my first delivery (which resulted in an emergency C-section), I had to have scheduled C-sections with my last two babies. While my last scheduled caesarian seemed like a breeze, this one went a little differently.

Baby 2

Epidural Episode. Apparently while epidurals provide the perfect freezing/pain management for caesarian sections (the safest and most common form of anesthesia used for the common method of delivery), they don’t freeze certain organs such as the bowel. As my surgeon moved through my insides to remove baby, I suddenly felt a painful jab. I could feel the doctors moving my bowel around as they tried to tuck it in while stitching me up. Luckily the anesthetist had an abundance of drug options to get me through the pain.

Tube Removal. After a little research, and conversations with three different doctors, I decided to go ahead with the removal of my fallopian tubes. So far, I’ve had no additional pain as a result, and I’m looking forward to a future without having to worry about birth control.

Torn Bladder. As the doctors worked through my caesarian section, they noticed an excess amount of scar tissue (built up as a result of my two previous C-sections). As they slowly worked through the tissue, they discovered that my bladder was attached. While they tried to carefully removed my bladder from the scar tissue, a tear about 2 inches long occurred. The surgeon stitched it up, and I was required to wear a catheter 24/7 for a week after leaving the hospital. It was the longest, most uncomfortable week – I didn’t leave the house, and the discomfort was unbearable.


So far the baby has been the easiest part! She sleeps and nurses perfectly and rarely cries, and her siblings have been equally as pleasant, doting over their baby sister at every moment possible.

Baby 3

I know it won’t always be easy, but I’m living in the moment, and loving every minute with my little trifecta so far!