{FAMILY} What Makes A Mom

This year I had the opportunity to work on the fourth annual Leading Moms event – a day full of inspiring talks from extraordinary moms. As always, the speaker lineup was filled with an array of  diverse women, all invited to share their stories and experiences with an engaged audience. Every year, whether I’ve attended as […]

Why You Don’t Have To Be A Leader To Be A Leading Mom

When I went to my first Leading Moms event in 2012, I was a bit skeptical. I was working in the corporate world, trying to climb the ranks to a senior leadership position. At the time, I didn’t consider myself a ‘leader’. I wasn’t supervising staff, and I wasn’t a key decision maker in the company. […]

Leading Moms: The Importance of Play

Leading Moms is an annual, all-day event featuring inspiring talks from extraordinary women, and this year, I was not only an attendee, but part of the incredible team who planned the day’s festivities. When I went to last year’s event, I didn’t know what to expect. I left feeling inspired, connected to a community of women who understood […]

Leading Moms – Inspiring Talks By Extraordinary Moms

As a career mom I’m always looking for inspiration and advice on how to juggle a busy career with my family life, so I was thrilled when asked to attend the upcoming Leading Moms event as an Event Ambassador. Who better to lead the discussion than the busiest career mom of them all, Premier Christy Clark. Joining […]