{FAMILY} 9 Reasons Why 9 Is Going To Be The Best Age

I’m going to preface this by saying that every age seems to be the best age – especially with your first child. Every time my oldest has a birthday, I quietly wish that time would stop. I don’t want her to get any older, this year was the best age ever – I think to […]

{FAMILY} How I Got My Groove Back After Baby

Bringing a new baby into the world can be a beautiful, life-changing, monumental occasion – whether it’s the first, or the third time around. But the thing about having a baby is that it can also be all-consuming. Recovery from childbirth, adjusting to new routines, and surviving an insurmountable lack of sleep amongst the chaos that comes with […]

{FAMILY} First Day of Kindergarten (Round 2)

No matter how hard I try, it’s simply impossible for me not to compare my second child’s first experiences with those of my firstborn. Because when you experience something brand new for the first time – especially those bittersweet monumental childhood milestones – the memories of those very first experiences stick with you. They tuck themselves in your […]

Swimming Lessons: Overcoming Failure

Swimming lessons are not optional for my kids. With a rushing river steps from our door, and regular family outings on our boat, learning the life skill is mandatory for the kids in our household. Unfortunately, what I thought would be a quick and easy accomplishment for my firstborn, has become a seven year battle. If at first you don’t succeed, […]

The Evolution of Play Dates

As I move through the weeks of my pregnancy, I’ve been reminiscing about life with a baby and all that it entails. And through my walks down memory lane, I’ve realized something: Gone are the days when play dates were all about the moms. I remember being a first-time mom with a newborn. The highlight of […]

5 Things Our Tooth Fairy Will NOT Be Doing

I have a feeling I’m going to despise the Tooth Fairy when my six year-old’s first tooth wiggles free from its roots. I’ve been dreading the day, and have already suffered the wrath of the over-achieving parents whose children brag of their wads of cash and delicately-sewn tooth pillows, and coloured water changed by the […]

The Lowdown On Literacy – Teaching Your Child How To Read

When my girl entered Kindergarten, I knew that part of the curriculum would include learning to read. But what I didn’t realize, was that her progress would be heavily reliant on the participation of her parents – that it would be our job to guide her through the tedious process of learning the life skill that is reading. At first […]

Summer Conundrum

Boom! The first year of school has come and gone, and my baby girl has transformed from a curious, inquisitive little girl, to a witty, confident big girl. First and last day of Kindergarten Kindergarten is a big milestone, and I’ve learned so much in the past year. I remember feeling so anxious on her […]

First Day of Kindergarten

She woke up with a worried look on her face. “Do I go to Kindergarten today mommy?” she asked hesitantly. All week she had been excited about the big day, but when the day was finally here, she was nervous.   As she put on her new back-to-school outfit, I told her about all of […]

Kinder-Pardon (Part 2): Prep Mode

My baby girl starts Kindergarten in just under 2 weeks, and this mama is (still) freaking out. The Kindergarten orientation experience was overwhelming enough for me, but with the approach of this milestone so close, I’m doing my best to come to terms with this momentous occasion. Here are the steps I’ve taken so far to ease […]