{FAMILY} Why You Should Make Every Day Your New Year’s Eve

It’s no secret that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Regardless of the highs and lows that I may have experienced over the past year, I refuse to look back at the choices I’ve made (or didn’t make) and compile a list of self-deprecating ‘should have’s and ‘wish I could’s for the New Year.

Everything is a learning experience contributing to my personal growth, and I enter each year without a list of regrets. Instead, I like to take a moment to quietly reflect on my accomplishments, milestones, and laughable moments of the past year, and then push forward with a clean slate.

New Year

For me, the start of each year is the first (blank) page of a brand new notebook, not the next chapter of a book whose ending has already been written.

Only I can determine what comes next, and my interests and intentions are ever-evolving. Goals are set and achieved continually throughout the year, regardless of the flip of a calendar page. Instead, each new day is an opportunity to make new goals – to aspire to be a better me.

Can you imagine if every day were New Year’s Eve? 

What if each night, you took some time to reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and resolve for an even better tomorrow? If you planned to do better – be better, each and every day instead of once a year?

I’m not just excited for a new year, I’m excited for a new tomorrow.

New Year

Cheers to a new year, and to 365 brand new tomorrows!

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The final days of 2012 are here, and I’m so excited to be looking forward to a new year. I have big hopes for 2013!

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We’ve also managed to make it outdoors a few times for a little fresh air.
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I hope to see you back here in 2013, and Happy New Year to you and yours!