Bits of BOO

Let me start this post with a bit of advice: Sometimes complimenting someone on their Halloween costume is like congratulating a woman on her pregnancy – be 100% sure you’re right before you do it. I didn’t make this mistake myself today, but let’s just say I came very close. ————————————————————————————————- We’ve done it – we’ve survived […]

The Story Behind The Picture

I remember the day so clearly. I was a new mommy basking in the warm sun in my backyard with my 4-month-old baby girl. We were lying together on a blanket, and I snapped photo after photo of her latest milestone – holding her head up while lying on her tummy. I mimicked her position, […]

Patchy Patch

The weather was ideal for a trip to the pumpkin patch today, so we bundled up the kidlets and off we went! After a 45-minute drive out of the city, we arrived, ready for an afternoon of adventure. We strolled into the patch hand-in-hand and began rushing from one attraction to another, enjoying one while […]

How I Came To Bee

When I first saw the topic for this week’s Moday Listicles, I was going to opt out. It gave me flashbacks of my childhood which was laden with projects surrounding the theme of “family trees”. Teachers prompted us to explore our lineages – to draw trees with photos and dotted lines connecting our family members, showing how we were made, where we […]

Bits of Bliss

This is my bliss. This is where I send my mind when stress is about to bubble through my ears, or when I’m working late and missing my little bits. This is what I imagine my Heaven will look like. This is where I want to spend my every waking moment.

Parenting in Playland

I used to be this kid. Grinning from ear to ear, carefree and having the time of my life at Playland (our local annual carnival for those of you who don’t live in my ‘hood). But yesterday, when the hubs and I took our 4 year old to my favourite childhood destination, it dawned on […]

May The Fours Be With You

I try constantly to snap sentimental photos of my little 4-year-old McSasserson, but no matter how hard I try, my camera lens is greeted with one of many famous 4-year-old poses: The Googly Eyed Pose The “I Think I’m A Model” Pose The Stink Eye Pose (Most Common) – The “Mouth Wide Open” Pose But […]

Becoming Mrs. Bee

I wanted to share my favourite photo from our wedding day. I love that we are walking away from the camera, focusing on each other instead of the photographer. I feel as though we are walking towards our future together, taking our first steps towards our exciting adventures as a family, oblivious to our surroundings. Mr. […]