{FAMILY} Adult Adoption: My Journey

I was adopted twice. In the first year of my life fate brought my adopted mother and I together in an unconventional way, and at the age of 5, I was adopted by her and my first adopted father. 16 years later, I was adopted again by my stepfather, who had become my primary father […]

These Two

She. My doe-eyed beauty. Innocent, independent, inquisitive. Cleverly witty and creatively artistic. Heart full of love and mind full of wonder. Nature lover and story teller. My first born. Him. My freckle-nosed prince. Charming, coy, charismatic. Mysteriously authentic¬†and humorously bright. Affectionate and imaginative. Action lover and role player. My one and only son.   These […]

What About Marriage?

I often write about the challenges I face as a career mom, and how I strive to maximize what little time I have to spend with my kids. I write about frustrations at work and how I’m looking for the perfect family/work life balance. I share my thoughts on what I love about my kids […]