Mom Cold VS Man Cold

Does this ever happen in your house? I’m not saying the hubs actually asks me to call his mom, but there is definitely a big difference in the way we react to being sick. Sickness hit my house like a slap to the face this week. So naturally, I didn’t get to rest and recover. […]

In The Hood

It started about 2 months ago.   My boy came home from daycare one day, and was suddenly, irrevocably, out-of-his-mind obsessed with Batman.   All it took was one friend and a little figurine, and my boy was hooked.   To him, the hood of a jacket could magically tranform him into the curious character (of […]

Twenty Thirteen

I’m not ready to take down the tree. I’m not ready to clear away the Christmas cards and simplify the mantle. I’m not ready to make proper meals and put away the cheese balls and Baileys. I’m not ready for early bedtimes and proper toddler routines. I’m not ready to give up lazy days, and […]

New Discoveries

I’ve been busy. Although I’ve recently become a WAHM, my schedule seems to have become more jam-packed than ever! Busy work life aside, I’ve been invited to several events – some, private get togethers with friends, and others, events looking to promote products or services to local moms like myself.   While I do like to think of myself as  open-minded, […]

Quietly Loathing Halloween

I’m going to be honest – I secretly don’t like Halloween. As a child, Halloween was thrilling – the costumes, the candy, the pumpkin carving, who didn’t love it? But now that I’m a mom, my perspective has shifted. Instead of delicious goodies, I see sugar bug infested cavity makers filling my childrens’ trick-or-treat bags. Instead of […]

How She Sleeps

While the toddler continues to wake up, stroll through the dark with his Froggy Frogz under one arm and water cup under the other, and creep into my bed as loudly and tactlessly as possible, my big girl doesn’t seem to have any problems with sleeping on her own.     Except maybe the problem […]

Mommy & Dots

Have you ever thought about having another baby, just so you could have that extra time at home with your other children?   I’m not planning on having another one (right now – who knows what the future may hold). But as my first born approaches Kindergarten, I find myself holding her hand a little […]

Mama Scaredy Cat And The Little Mouse That Could

Confession: I’m freaking terrified of the birds and the bees (literally, not figuratively). And mice? Well let me tell you a little story about mice. I’ve recently had a few visitors in my office, of the four-legged variety. Don’t get me wrong, I think mice are adorable – when they’re securely locked in a cage. […]

Mission: Impossible

“Good morning, Mrs. Bits. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the survival of your morning routine. This will involve the waking, dressing, and feeding of your toddler, without the onset of a temper tantrum. Simultaneously, you will also need to do the same with your eldest child, while also successfully brushing through her tangled […]

How To Take A ME Day

Whether they are career moms, stay-at-home moms, or a work-from-home moms, one thing that I always hear fellow moms say is, “I never take time to do things for myself”.  Many of us get lost in living our lives to please others. We put our families first, and only take care of ourselves when all else is done. I […]