Mon Artiste (Wordless Wednesday)

Dinner With A Dump Truck

I like to think that I have a pretty cool job, but let’s face it, daddy’s job is way cooler in the eyes of my littles:

Instagram Love & Picnik Lost

I’m combining my love for Instagram with my bidding adieu to my favourite photo editing site with a photo collage of pics taken on my iPhone throughout the last week. Enjoy!

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Fishing in the City (Wordless Wednesday)

A birthday party, not far from the city, took us to this peaceful little slice of Heaven. Tucked away, only seconds from the main highway, this little pond refreshed our appreciation for the simple things in life, reminded us of the fun we can have away from the TVs and computers that comsume our regular lives.
Simple, quiet, perfect.

Weekly Bits (Wordless Wednesday)

I didn’t grow up with siblings (they came into my life in my later years), so watching my children grow together, seeing them develop a bond like no other, fascinates me, and melts me.

They play together, they share private jokes and they giggle in unison with little matching voices. I love watching them from a distance, taking in their innocence – their love for one another  impalpable. I know their relationship will change as they grow, but I will capture these moments, share them with my children regularly to remind them of their earlier days together. It’s the little moments like these that I will cherish forever.

and  then, she {snapped}

#janphotoaday Challenge

January is officially over and so is my favourite photo challenge – #janphotoaday. Started by @fatmumslim, a list was provided, prompting followers to take photos based on a theme for each day. It was a great way to remind me to capture special moments, and a fun way to use Instagram in a different way each day! Here’s the list with my pictures:

I’m looking forward to #febphotoaday, starting tomorrow. Will you join in the fun?

Weekly Bits (Wordless Wednesday)

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Snow Princess (Wordless Wednesday)