Summer Lovin’

9 pictures. 9 words. Adventure. Love. Relaxation. Meditation. Reflection. Innocence. Whimsical. Companionship. Satisfaction. 20 days in, and I’m wholeheartedly lovin’ on Summer. Never. Going. Inside. Linking up with the lovely Mama Kat – favourite Summer view (so far)

The Day I Met Princess Diana

It was May 2, 1986. Prince Charles and Lady Di were in Vancouver to open the 1986 World Exposition on Transportation & Communication – known more famously as Expo ’86. As part of their tour of our beautiful city, the royal couple paid a visit to my beloved Granville Island – the place where I grew up. Source Granville Island, May 1986 […]

Life Is A Battlefield

My mom always says to ‘pick your battles’. Especially in a marriage, and with your kids. At first I didn’t take her advice. I got riled up by every high-pitched scream, every spilled drink, and every unfinished bite of dinner. But I’m starting to realize that the more battles I pick, the less I win. […]

When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I want to be like my 5 year old daughter. I want to have her imagination, the ability to dream up magical worlds full of sweets, princesses and talking animals. High tea with imaginary friends, dance parties with Polly Pockets, and outfits consisting of sparkly fairy wings and bright pink crinolines. I want to […]

Four Parts of Four

My baby girl is four going on fourteen. She doesn’t giggle about boys, or cover her face in make up, or spend all night talking on the phone like a fourteen year old does – but she definitely has the four different personality extremes that come with the teen years. One Part Spicy Sass: Girlfriend may only be […]

Bee: The Interrupter

Inspired by Mama Kat‘s writing prompt this week: “The one place in my life that I know better, but haven’t been able to do better is…” I’m writing about a serious problem that I have, in hopes that you, my dear readers, can offer some advice… ************************************************************************** I like to think of it as “finishing […]

Career Mommy I’ll Bee

I’d like to say that it was purely a financial decision. That I only returned to work because it would have been financially impossible for us to live on one income. But truthfully, we could have managed. Money would have been really tight, but it wouldn’t have been impossible. I’d also like to say that […]

Suggestions For Santa

Dear Santa, We’ve been in this business partnership now for almost 4 years, and while I’d like to thank you for your help with my children over the holidays, I’d also like to review some aspects of our partnership to ensure a better working relationship for the future. To start, I’d like to make some […]

Do These Spots Make My Ass Look Fat?

Check me out, livin the life – pre-babies They call me Keyla (short for Tequilla), and I’m a Dalmatian (duh, obviously). I know I’m cute, but after 9 years with my parents, looks don’t seem to matter anymore. The honeymoon’s over for this dog. I’m no longer the baby, and I frickin’ hate it. I used […]

Label Me This

Growing up, I went through many phases, but the labels didn’t really come into fruition until my high school years. In grade 8, I was labeled as an “immature geek”, dressing in matching outfits with my bestie at the time, wearing braces, coveralls, hair scrunchies and lacy ankle socks. Instead of chasing boys and stealing […]