{FAMILY} Floating: My First Time

I had heard about sensory deprivation (or “floating”) from friends and fellow bloggers, and to be honest, the idea kind of freaked me out. The thought of floating in complete silence and darkness in an enclosed space for a long period of time sounded scary, odd, and anything but relaxing. Not to mention the negative connotations […]

Mommy & Me Cooking Class

My daughter is always asking to help me in the kitchen, but because I can be a bit of a control freak, I have a hard time sharing the tasks. I start with good intentions, pulling up a chair and explaining each step to her as I measure, pour, and mix the ingredients, but when she […]

You NEED This

For some reason I often feel the need for a little retail therapy at the end of a long work week. While most of my purchases may be considered frivolous, there are some things that are actually justifiable. There are things that you buy because you want them, but it’s so much easier to justify when you can make the argument […]