Dinner With A Dump Truck

I like to think that I have a pretty cool job, but let’s face it, daddy’s job is way cooler in the eyes of my littles:


  1. Love it, especially the photo of her jumping off the tire!

  2. that is one Monster truck!! love the one with her that shows the size of the wheels. so cool!

  3. Amazing how big these machines are. Great pics!

  4. Oh man!! My boys would be in HEAVEN!!! Great pictures!

  5. I never knew that those trucks were so freakin’ massive! I love the shots with the kids in them as it really shows the true size of the truck! Holy canolli!

  6. Cool pics. Love the one were little miss is jumping off of the big tire!

  7. Genuinely impressed! Everything is tremendously open and pretty clear explanation of issues.

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