{FAMILY} Mother’s Day Aftermath

Based on the flood of sunshine-drenched family photos and toothy-grin-flashing mom/kid selfies that graced my social media feeds this weekend, I think it’s safe to assume that Mother’s Day was a success for all. But like the famous proverb proclaims, all good things must come to an end.

My Mother’s Day went down as it usually does – I woke up to a pile of beautifully handcrafted cards and pictures, and creatively curated homemade gifts from my kids. This year, my son made me a candy pot (who doesn’t love a dish whose sole purpose is to hold treats!?), and my daughter made me a lovely candle holder and a book about what she loves about her mommy. And my youngest? She slept through the night for the first time in 4 months. Best. Gift. Ever.

And as always, my mom stole the show with an extravagant bee-themed cake and teapot, because the best moms make sure the day is extra special for their kids, am I right?

Mother's Day gifts IMG_9189


After a delicious pancake breakfast made by the hubby, I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, and made a bbq dinner for my parents and family. We hung out by the river, soaked up the sun, and enjoyed each other’s company.

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I went to bed with a full heart (and belly) and felt so thankful for the three little monkeys I had created.

And then it was Monday morning. I woke to my baby’s screams at 5am, and paced around the house trying not to drop her flailing body. My son woke in a sweat, screaming ‘mommy’ as if it were a synonym for ‘scary spider’ so I rushed in to calm him. My oldest daughter slept in, and when I woke her to get ready for school, she whined and grimaced, proclaiming that she couldn’t move because he body was achy. After a quick checkover by Dr. Mom (aka yours truly), it was apparent that she had caught her sister’s throat infection. Sick day confirmed.

And now as I sit at my dirty dining room table, scrambling to meet work deadlines while hushing my fussy baby, and pushing back mom guilt over the fact that my other two are on their fourth episode of Full House and it’s not even 10am, I’m realizing that this mom life is real, and that next Mother’s Day, I deserve more than cards and pancakes. I deserve a day off. Can I get an Amen?


  1. Amen, sister! We deserve a f*cking gold medal!
    Or diamonds. Lots and lots of diamonds.
    Or, sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep. Uninterrupted, unlimited sleep.

    It seems like nobody understands that the best gift you could get for Mother’s Day is to forget you have kids altogether. As much as we love to love them, Mamma needs a day off!

    Yesterday, I dared to dream of a life without kids. I would sleep in. I would just lay there in bed until my body felt it just couldn’t lay there anymore. I would get up and make some coffee. I would sit on my couch and do my nails and drink all the coffee while it was still hot. Every last hot drop. I would wait for my nails to dry completely. Then I would get into my running gear and head out the door for a nice, easy run.

    Then I was interrupted by a request to join along in Itsy Bitsy Spider. It was nice while it lasted 😉

    • Sounds like you’ve made some plans for yourself for next Mother’s Day! No judgement, I think we secretly all want a day to ourselves!

      • Sorry, guess I should have said “a day without kids”, not “a life”! It’s just easier to dream of a life ’cause you know if it was really only a day I’d be cleaning the kitchen or organizing a closet.
        OK, maybe “a day here and there”. 😀

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