Possibilities (Quotable Bits #41)

“Dwell in possibility...”
– Emily Dickinson

A short but sweet quote. While many tend to focus on the limitations of everyday monotony, we should really spend more time focusing on our dreams and the endless possibilities that are out there, despite the obstacles and challenges that we may face.
Of the many inspirational quotes that were shared at the Leading Moms event I recently attended, one of them really resonated with me: “Use your children as an excuse to follow your dreams, not as an excuse not to.” (quote shared by the ladies of @pretirementlife). So true. We should set an example for our kids by making choices that foster our interests and lead towards achieving a bigger dream that we may have, as opposed to sticking with something for the constancy, the stability, and the consistency, which may leave us feeling unfullfilled. Set an example for your children by following your heart, and doing what makes you happy.
Deep thoughts for this career mama on a gloomy and grey afternoon in Vancouver. My advice to you: take chances, embrace change, and remember that the possibilities are endless.
Do you take time out from your busy day to “dwell in possibility”?
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  1. I LOVE the 2nd quote you picked up while at the Leading Moms Event: “Use your children as an excuse to follow your dreams, not as an excuse not to.”

    LOVE IT! I do try to follow my dreams – but often need a reminder of just how important it is. Thanks for the great reminder!

  2. Yes, deep thoughts indeed! Really good ones.

  3. Oh I love both of those! Great advice.

  4. I LOVE your header. I’ve been away FAR too long. And your quote? Perfect 🙂

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