My First Week As A WAHM

I recently wrote about how blogging has changed my life – how I was led to a crossroads in my life, and how I made the decision to travel down a new path – all because of the connections I had made through writing a blog. Well I thought I’d write a follow up, to let you know about how my first week has been in my new role. My first week as a WAHM (work at home mom).
I’ll start with a comparison between my old routine and my new one.
As an office-dwelling mama, my morning began at 6:30am. I would wake up, rush to wake the children, get them dressed and fed while trying to make myself look somewhat presentable, and then I would rush out of the house no later than 7:30am.
I would first stop at my daughter’s before school care, dragging my fussy toddler while carrying my daughter’s ovesized backpack, library bag, and whatever else she needed for the day. I would rush in, sign her in, and drag my toddler out kicking and screaming because he wanted to stay with his sister and play longer at her child care centre.
Then I would drive to my son’s daycare. Again I’d lug oversized bags, while struggling to move with a toddler wrapped around my legs like a threatening boa constrictor. I would shake him off so I could unload his lunch, unpack his bags, and change him into his slippers. A quick kiss goodbye (and often a pass off to the teacher while he screamed desperately, begging for my return), and I was back to the car for the next leg of my trip.
Rush hour. I’d spend 30-40 minutes, tapping my hands impatiently on the steering wheel, hoping to make it to the office in time for my 8:30am meeting. Pulling into the parking garage 5 minutes before the start of the meeting, I’d rush up to my office, eyes glued to my iPhone, fingers tapping frantically to answer a few emails en route. If I was lucky, I’d grab a quick coffee from the kitchen, grab my notebook and a pen, and rush into the boardroom. Breakfast would have to wait.
As a work-at-home mama, my morning starts at about 7:15am (yep, I get an extra 45 minutes – this might seem small, but it’s a big win for me!). I wake up, give my children a few minutes to play, and make them breakfast. I feed them, dress them, put on some comfy clothes and load up the car (with much less panic). We head out at about 8:15am.
I first drop my toddler off at his daycare. My daughter comes in with us and helps me to settle her brother in. Because I’m not so frantic about the drop-and-ditch routine, he settles in nicely and doesn’t make a fuss when we leave.
Next, I drive my daughter to her school. We walk hand-in-hand and talk about the day ahead. I wait with her at the door of her Kindergarten class, where she shows me her artwork displayed in the hallway. The bell rings, I give her a kiss, and I saunter back to my car while chatting with other moms or dads (yep, I’m getting to know other parents now!).
I drive off and head to a new little coffee shop I’ve discovered in my neighbourhood. I enjoy a vanilla latte and a freshly-baked scone (yep, I actually get to eat something!), and then I hop in the car and drive back home.
At 9:30am, I settle into my quaint little office and start my work. A little quiet music in the background, I work away – but only until 2:30pm, at which time I pack it up, get ready, and head back for pick ups.
So far, I’m loving my new routine. No regrets.
View from my new office
While it’s been smooth sailing so far, I foresee some challenges in my near future.
– I’ve started to bake, which means lots of delicious (but fatty) foods.
– I’m also in close proximity to boxes and boxes of Halloween candy (eep!).
– I’m worried I might start to wear PJs to do the drop offs, and stay in my comfy clothes all day!
– I’ve stopped going to my beloved barre classes to save a little money. This doesn’t mix well with my first two points.
– I’m already finding it hard to resist working in my “off” hours.
I’ll keep you posted as I continue to settle into my new role. And as always, I welcome advice from my fellow WAHMs!


  1. Start baking bread! It’s a great thing to do when you’re around to do things every few hours. Also, there’s the joy of weekday daytime grocery shopping – so quiet and calm.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds Fantastic B! So happy for you!

  3. So glad you are liking the new routine! I personally find it hard to find those “off” hours to do more work in! But yeah, that temptation to eat all. the. time. almost never goes away! Just drink more coffee! 😉

  4. Sounds like heaven:) I hope to make a similar transition soon. Although, I am a SAHM right now, and am looking to get busier! And convert the third bedroom that we are renting into an office/craft room/meditation corner. 🙂 MY life was never as frantic, but I can relate to wanting something so different than what you already have and the peace that comes when you find it.

  5. I like your second routine much better. I hope, it continues to be smooth sailing!!! 🙂

  6. If you can scrimp in other areas (like maybe cut out an expensive coffee or two a week), it might be worth it to continue with your barre class or something else you really enjoy that’s physical and just for you. Or perhaps you’ve already found an alternative fitness routine that doesn’t break the bank? Just remember to take care of you and keep doing the things you love in order to keep your sanity (and of course, your slim physique)! 😉

  7. Sound great!

    I’ve been a part-time contract WAHM for almost 3 years now. One thing I love is not rushing Theo in the morning. He’s up around 7, and we leave for daycare around 8:45. Talk about slo-mo. I find he’s very happy by the time I take him to daycare (3Xwk). He actually runs in the door yelling “I here!”

    I work my first two hours at a WIFI-enabled cafe, do some groceries, and head home to work some more. I try, if possible, to run or go to a yoga class during the day. Sometimes I’ll work at night after Theo is in bed just so I can go to yoga or run. Healthy is numero uno.

  8. I love your new routine and am feeling quite envious. By the time Fridays roll around, I need the whole weekend just to recover from the exhaustion! I’m glad you’re enjoying this new stage in your life 🙂

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