My Love Affair With Granville Island

I’m one of the fortunate few who was born and raised right in the centre of the most beautiful city in the world, Vancouver BC. Even more fortunate, I was able to spend the majority of my childhood living amongst the lovely scenery of Graville Island, a small community and main tourist attraction near the centre of the city.
Now that I’ve moved away, I try to visit Granville Island with my children as often as possible. There’s so much to do there, and in every direction you turn, you’re faced with breathtaking scenery.
I had the kids to myself today, and it was a rare occassion where we didn’t have any pre-scheduled plans. So off to my favourite place we went! We perused the toy shops and play centres within the Kids Market, a two-story  mini mall filled with rides, puppets, toys and activities. We popped in for some play, and made the last-minute decision to take Emma for her very first hair cut (at almost 5). Although she got to sit in a pink car and watch Dora, she was less than impressed.

Once finished, we headed back outside where there is a great wooden boat for kids to play on, right on the edge of a little duck pond.
We then headed over to the world-reknowned Granville Island Market. Packed with fresh flowers, rainbows of organic fruits and veggies, and fresh fish, meats and cheeses, the market is a one-stop shop for any cravings you may have. We picked up some lunch and headed out front where there are rows of benches facing the ocean. Live musicians set the mood, and swarms of pigeons and seagulls keep you company as you bask in the sun.
Once we finished our lunches, we headed down to the water and climbed onto a small Aquabus. A short boat ride across the ocean and back was a great little adventure for my little ones, who enjoy the ocean almost as much as their mama.
Then off we went to one of several playgrounds in the area. The kids played on the swings and teeter totters, and ran around on the bright green grass. With only an hour left (thanks to the tight parking restrictions), there was one more stop I wanted to make before we headed home.

We enjoyed a quick little snack on a big green hill beside the ocean. Sitting under a canopy of trees, we nibbled on some fruit and enjoyed the view. We took the long way back to the car and admired a small community of floating houses lining the shore. We fantasized about living in one of those floating houses, and talked about all the things we would do if we lived right on the ocean in the centre of Granville Island.

The kids fell asleep in minutes on the drive home, and I reminisced on the day’s events. A perfect day with my favourite little people, who could ask for anything more?


  1. I have been to Granville Island and it is beautiful!!

  2. We live in Merritt, but I’ve been to Vancouver and Granville Island several times. I absolutely love it there. I always dream of owning a condo in one of the highrises at False Creek, looking over to Granville Island. I think I would go to the Public Market every day if I lived there!
    Great pictures, thank you for sharing!

  3. I love the duck pond area too. Granville Island is in the to-do list. My mom is not easy when going out so I do not know if she will enjoy it or hate it. *Sigh* I do miss going out and about as much as I used to on my own. *Sigh* again.

  4. I was showing my husband these pictures when you posted them on Instagram (yay!) because I loved them so much. It just looks so beautiful and it looks like you had perfect weather, too. Hubby’s Uncle is from Vancouver and he’s always told us about the place. Definitely, one of the places on my bucket list!!! 🙂

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