{FAMILY} This Is My Success Story

Some may think that leaving a “dream job” with the Vancouver Canucks to pursue a part-time writing career is more of a cautionary tale that a true success story, but I’m proud of the path that I’ve chosen.

Yes, the money pales in comparison to that of a full-time corporate job. And yes, freelance work can be fleeting, but I love what I do.

For many, the recipe for success includes a showy salary, a nimble nine-to-five, and a sumptuous collection of stylish suits, but thats’ just not me – that’s not my definition of success.  At least not anymore.

I’ve walked in those shoes, and I envy the women who continue to walk down the path towards career success. For many years I was driven by an impalpable desire to advance my career – to move up, earn more, lead more and thrive more in the workplace.

I can’t put my finger on exactly what changed – what shifted my drive. Was it the kids? Was it my rediscovered love for writing? All I know is that I woke up one day, and suddenly, I didn’t want that kind of success anymore. I just wanted to write. To mom. To help small businesses to succeed, and to take life day to day.

It sounds simple. And to some – it sounds totally lame. But that’s me – at least for right now.

This is my success story.

For more on how blogging was the first step towards my redefined success story, listen to my interview with Martin Strong on Roundhouse Radio: LISTEN NOW (Note: I start at the 14:25 mark)


Interview on Roundhouse Radio at the 2016 Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger event


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Bujan. Indeed everyone has different lifestyles and ambitions.

    Personally I enjoy a good challenge and a fully productive schedule of work. This does not necessary mean corporate ladder climbing. I just enjoy being productive and helping businesses grow.

    I’m glad you were able to make the choice to switch from corporate world to a freelance writer. I’m sure your kids appreciate the flexibility of being around more often.

    Ps. If you have the time, it’d be fabulous to have you and your kids out to our free Vancouver walking tour. We have an excellent tour guide, Americano at Milano Coffee (we’ll switch it to hot chocolate for the children), Chocolates at Rogers’ Chocolates, Chocolates again at Daniel’s Chocolate, and a bite-size taster at Japadog. Maybe something to write about on your blog?
    You can register for any Saturday in summer here: http://www.vancityasks.com/vancouver-tours/

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