Things I Do (With Gritted Teeth) for the Love of My Kids

As parents we make a lot of sacrifices for our kids. We give up hobbies, change careers, and succumb to the fact that we may never sleep again. But as they grow older, the sacrifices change and we take on new tasks that we despise. But we do them willingly (with gritted teeth) for the […]

10 Things I Love About #Vancouver

Vancouver, BC Canada – where you can swim in the ocean and ski on the mountains on the same day. Where you can enjoy four seasons of weather. Where beautiful people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds can live harmoniously. Where foodies, outdoor adventurists, artists and shopaholics have a plethora of options to satisfy […]

Au Revoir Printemps

Spring was an action-packed season for us, and while we’ve had some very special moments during the rainiest of rainy seasons, I’m ready to welcome Summer with open arms. So to say farewell to Spring, I’d like to pay homage by featuring 10 of my favourite photos taken last season: Love my tiny boy in […]

Back To Reality

After returning home from our very first family vacation, we’ve spent the last week adjusting to old routines, recovering from stomach bugs, and getting used to the soggy weather. We’ve gone from flip flops to rainboots, shorts to pants, and sunglasses to raincoats – an ajustment that has been especially difficult for my little toddler. […]

Falling for Autumn at Cates Park

The crisp air, the crunchy leaves, cozy sweaters and coffee and Baileys, how could I not fall in love with Fall? Our family jaunt on this beautiful autumn day was to my favourite park on the North Shore, Cates Park.   While we’ve visited this lovely park several times since moving to the Shore, we […]

10 Things My Parents Did Right

I wouldn’t be the person or the parent that I am today if it weren’t for my fabulous parents, so I was excited when I saw that Lisa from The Sprog chose “10 Things My Parents Did Right” for this week’s Monday Listicles topic. I could probably come up with 1,000 things my parents did […]

Sound Bites (Monday Listicles)

I’m so happy to be joining in on the fabulous Monday Listicles meme once again after a short hiatus. The Listmaster has tasked us with listing “10 sounds that drive you bonkers”. While I’d love to write “the sound of my children whining” 10 times, I thought I’d be a little more creative. 10 things […]

10 Things I’ve Learned From My Father

1) “Don’t take any wooden nickels” When I was in high school, he said this a lot. At the time I just rolled my eyes and thought he was crazy, but it makes sense now. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you – don’t let them convince you of something that is not as it seems. […]


It’s where my heart is.Where family unites.Where comfort is found.Where I begin and end each and every day.This is my home. Linking up with my favourite weekly meme Monday Listicles

An Hour In A Day

5:30pm: I drive up to my house, weaving through excitedly bouncing kids, and a trotting dog, who is barking her welcome at me as I arrive home from a long day at work. 5:35pm: Kiss my kids, the hubs and the pups, kick off my shoes, and rush up the stairs to prepare dinner for four. […]