{RECIPE} Roasted Garden Vegetable Pasta Salad

While I cook all the meals in my home, I’ve become a lackadaisical chef. There was a time when I enjoyed cooking. When my relationship was new and I cooked to impress. When I didn’t have fussy little mouths to feed. When new meals weren’t met with dry heaves and gasps of disgust. Now, I […]

{FOOD} The Art House Supper Club

I don’t think I’m the only one who wishes I could host intimate dinner parties with friends in my home, but the daunting task of creating a mouthwatering menu and a complimentary chic-yet-laid-back ambiance, keeps me from sending out the invites. I had heard about underground supper clubs, and had been intrigued by the idea of […]

{FAMILY} In My Mother’s Shoes

On the night of my high school graduation, my mom handed me a wrapped gift and, teary-eyed, asked me to open it. As I ran my fingers along the edges of my present, I could tell that the item underneath was encased in a picture frame. I assumed that  it was a family photo or a piece […]

{TRAVEL} A Sweet Escape To Summerland

At first it may seem strange that I passed up the opportunity to bring my whole family along on a press trip to Summerland, BC this past weekend. Finding a destination that can accommodate a family of 5 can be challenging (and often unaffordable), so one would think that I would jump at the chance to travel with my whole family in […]

{FAMILY} Middle Child Problems

Hi I’m Gavin and I’m five and a HALF. I was the baby in the family for four years until my baby sister came along, and I love her so SO much I just want to squish her and cuddle her and kiss her and hug her SO HARD. ALL. THE. TIME. But I get […]

{FAMILY} 5 TV Families I Can Totally Relate To Now That I’m A Family of 5

I was watching an old episode of The Simpsons the other day, when it dawned on me: I’m Marge. Instead of laughing at Bart’s ridiculous shenanigans, or Lisa’s witty banter, or Maggie’s innocent attempts at achieving toddler independence, I found myself sympathizing with Marge. She too has 3 children (all the same genders and ages as […]

{FAMILY} Table For One, Please!

Have you ever been out for dinner with your family, and noticed someone sitting alone at a table? Maybe you wondered to yourself why that person was eating alone. Perhaps they’re single? Or maybe they’re travelling alone and dining out as they pass through town? Well last week, that solo diner was me. I’ve always […]

{FAMILY} 10 Things Your Mom Friends Don’t Tell You About Babies And Sleep

When you’re a new mom, one of the first questions you’re frequently asked is: “Does (baby) sleep through the night?” And while it may seem nice to think that another mom truly cares about your baby’s sleep patterns, the truth of the matter is: it’s a test. If you respond with an eye roll and […]

Leading Moms: Be Inspired

This year’s Leading Moms event is coming up on September 26th and I couldn’t be more excited! My first experience with this inspiring and entertaining event was in 2012 when I attended Leading Moms as an event ambassador. I was introduced to a community of extraordinary and inspiring women from all walks of life, and […]

The Extracurricular Jigsaw Puzzle

If you have (or have ever had) a school-aged child, you’ve likely engaged in an exchange similar to this one: Mom Friend: “Ugh my schedule is so busy, my kid’s in soccer, ballet, t-ball, singing, piano, and swimming this year! What are your kids doing?” Me: “Oh, well.. we’re still trying to decide, there are […]