{FAMILY} 5 TV Families I Can Totally Relate To Now That I’m A Family of 5

I was watching an old episode of The Simpsons the other day, when it dawned on me: I’m Marge.

Instead of laughing at Bart’s ridiculous shenanigans, or Lisa’s witty banter, or Maggie’s innocent attempts at achieving toddler independence, I found myself sympathizing with Marge. She too has 3 children (all the same genders and ages as my own). She has big hair, and is the moralistic force in her family- faced with many of the same daily challenges as a parent of three as myself.

Family of 5

In realizing my commonalities with Marge Simpson, other TV families suddenly began to make sense to me as well.

I can remember watching other shows in my childhood days – shows highlighting the lives of families of five. In one childhood favourite – Roseanne, I remember laughing as D.J. antagonized his sisters. I thought Roseanne’s sarcastic humour and ability to “tell it like it is” was a welcome departure from the typical family-focused sitcoms of its day. Now that I’m a mom of three like Roseanne, it all makes so much more sense to me.

Family of 5

Another childhood favourite was Family Ties. I loved the dichotomy of the two older siblings – Alex, the politically-charged suit-and-tie wearing son, and Mallory, his underachieving, slacker sister who was primarily focused on shopping and boys. Similar to my family, their family was completed with a young blond girl who was completely unique from her older siblings. And the mom, Elyse Keaton, a career-focused self-employed mom, seemed to easily manage the overwhelming task of juggling career and kids. But like me, she was also faced with the typical challenges of a career mom of three.

Family of 5

Today’s entertainment scene isn’t short of sitcoms featuring families of five either. One of my favourite shows, and one that I can definitely relate to is Modern Family. While there are of course inherent differences between their family and mine, I can definitely relate to the Dunphy family – especially the mom, Claire Dunphy. Claire is an overbearing perfectionist, a helicopter mom, and  a soccer mom who means well but is often misunderstood by her goofy husband and strong-willed three children. I get it Claire, I feel your pain.

Family of 5

And last but not least, the family depicted in Blackish is hilariously loveable and realistically relatable to this mama of three. Like Andre and Rainbow Johnson, we are mixed-race parents raising our children in a predominantly caucasian neighbourhood. Like me, the mom struggles to juggle her career and family, and her big hair and sarcastic humour are familiarly enchanting.

Family of 5

If these 5 shows were to blend into one, I think you’d have something pretty close to a reality show about my family!

What are some of your favourite shows that depict a family life similar to the one you currently lead?

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