5 Ways Ordering Your Groceries Will Get You Out Of A Jam

Unfortunately, my fantasy of having a grocery store in my ‘hood that offers a full-service wine bar for moms has yet to become a reality, so I’ve settled on a new dream: groceries delivered straight to my door. Thanks to my local Save-On-Foods, this dream has become a realistic reverie.

Until recently, I was a terrible planner when it came to filling the cupboards in my home. I didn’t like to pre-plan a week’s worth of dinners (because: what if I were to change my mind?), and I didn’t like to do bulk shops (because: heavy bags), so I fell into a habit of twice-weekly binge shops.

The problem with my habit, was that I would stroll through the aisles with a rumbling belly and no plan in mind, and I would toss anything that tempted my tastebuds into my cart. The results? Cupboards full of unused ingredients, and a bill as long as my 9-year-old is tall.

When the online ordering feature was first launched at Save-On-Foods, I was skeptical. I worried that having someone else select my fruits and vegetables would result in spoiled or poorly-picked produce. It wasn’t until some friends shared their positive experiences with me that I decided to give it a try – and boy was it a life saver!

Here are five ways ordering online has gotten me out of a jam as a busy mom of three:

Click and pay during vacay. There’s nothing worse than returning home from a fun family vacation to an empty fridge. The last thing I want to do is hop back into my car and drag my feet down the grocery store aisles. Now that I’ve created a list of my favourite items on my Save-On-Foods profile, I simply go online, select my favourites, click and pay. As we unpack and unwind, my groceries arrive right at my door.

Cure those Sunday night blues. During the school year, Sunday nights can be a total downer. I tend to wrap up my weekends by tidying the house, helping the kids catch up on homework, and preparing for the dreaded ‘L’ word -lunches. Ordering online helps me skip a step as I rush around preparing for the week ahead.

Ease the extracurricular overload. Having 3 active kids means playing chauffeur to ballet, soccer, karate, guitar, skating, and gymnastics classes on almost every day of the week.  Ordering online allows me to quickly drive through the pick up lane at my local grocery store to grab my pre-ordered food, or arrive home to a delivery at my door. One less driving destination goes a long way.

Avoid the massive market meltdowns. For me, nothing is worse than dragging my 3 hungry kids along for a grocery shop. They get antsy, active, and eventually someone has a meltdown and we have to abort the mission. While I used to wait until my kids were in bed (sometimes hitting the store at 10pm just to do a quick solo shop), I can now shop with ease from the comfort of my home.

Last-minute dinner party prep. I love having friends over for dinner, but when the plans are made at the last minute, I end up rushing around in a panic, power-cleaning, meal-planning, and child-minding simultaneously. I love that I can place my order online, and then tidy up until the food arrives. I save time, and a little sanity too.

If you haven’t tried ordering your groceries online, I highly recommend giving it a try! Want to learn more? Visit: How It Works.

Disclaimer: I’ve partnered with Save-On-Foods to help spread the word about their fantastic online ordering options. While this is a sponsored post, the thoughts and ideas are honest and completely my own.

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