{FAMILY} 5 Mind-Blowing Things You Didn’t Know About Ivivva

Known best as “lululemon for tweens”, ivivva tops the list of most active girls (aged 6-14) who strive to wear clothing that is not only functional, comfortable, and durable, but also totally stylish and on trend. Ivivva has been my daughter’s favourite clothing brand since the day she turned 8. She had never liked wearing jeans, and […]

{FAMILY} Wish List: Holiday Outfits For Kids

Each year I create a photo book to gift to my parents and in-laws for Christmas. The photo books highlight memorable moments from from of our year – lost teeth, birthdays, dance recitals, vacations – and each book is always finished off with a photo of my children sitting on Santa’s knee. With my oldest child […]

{FAMILY} 4 Reasons To Love Peekaboo Beans

DID YOU KNOW? Many of you have already heard of this fabulous clothing brand for kids, but do you know where Peekaboo Beans got their name? The name stemmed from a game the Founder used to play with her kids – she would squeeze edamame beans out of their pods in a fun and playful […]

{FAMILY} Back-To-School Finds: Butler Overboots

We’ve had months of beautiful Summer weather in Vancouver, but with the return of the rain comes the return of routine for many families like ours, as we prepare our children for back to school. And while I’m looking forward to the excitement of a new school year, this time of year is always especially chaotic as […]

{FAMILY} You Can’t Handle The Tooth!

Fact: teething bites (pun very much intended). I’m on my third tooth-bearing child, and let me tell you, it doesn’t get any easier. No matter how much practice you get, those baby chiclets will sneak up on you, and hit you like a slap in the face. One minute your baby is sleeping well and melting your heart […]

Do You Look Like A Mom?

Let’s face it, when someone says, “she looks like a mom,” it’s not meant to be a compliment. For some reason, the word “mom” often has negative connotations. But why? If you were to ask someone to describe the ‘look’ of a mom, they would likely describe someone who looks like this:   Feathered hair, a […]

15 Problems That Only People With Curly Hair Can Understand

I haven’t yet decided if it’s a blessing or a curse. I was born with a head full of curly tresses, and my love/hate relationship with my naturally-frizzy fro has dominated my life. I’ve constantly changed my hair – convinced that a little colour, chemical, or chop would make me love it, but I’m never satisfied. The grass […]

5 Reasons To Love VONBON {Review & Giveaway}

We’ve recently welcomed our third baby into the world, and while we love her to bits, I think she sometimes feels a little neglected. She often spends the entire day in her pyjamas, and while she’s only 4 months old,  I feel like she’s already starting to notice the lack of variety in her wardrobe. I had […]

The Evolution of Barbie

First launched in 1959 by Mattel Inc., Barbie has been the centre of controversy in the toy industry for over half a century. Most notably criticized for her unrealistic female body proportions, Barbie has been simultaneously the most loved and most hated doll on the market since her inception. Last year, a new version of […]

An Evening With Nicole Bridger

I first discovered Nicole Bridger when she did a fashion show at last year’s Leading Moms event. She had used moms as models, and every single one of her pieces looked so comfortable, and so fabulous on each of the mommy models (all of different shapes and sizes). I was mesmerized, and wanted to fill […]