Do You Look Like A Mom?

Let’s face it, when someone says, “she looks like a mom,” it’s not meant to be a compliment. For some reason, the word “mom” often has negative connotations. But why?

If you were to ask someone to describe the ‘look’ of a mom, they would likely describe someone who looks like this:


The mom from Meet The Goldbergs


Feathered hair, a colourfully tacky sweater, and high-waisted pants with a pleated front (also known as “mom jeans”). Maybe this is because many of the moms of my generation actually did look like this. But now that many of us Gex X kids are moms ourselves, I’m left to wonder: do my fashion choices seem “mom-ish” to the younger generation? Will the way that I look and dress embarrass my kids when they’re teenagers (or even now)?

This week I had some professional head shots done, and as I browsed my closet to pick out an outfit to wear, the first thought that came to my mind was: What can I wear that won’t make me look like a MOM? And then I paused and thought to myself: Why wouldn’t I want to look like a mom? I’ve made three beautiful children and should be proud to wear the honourable title of “mom” – regardless of the jiggly bits and fashion choices that I may make. And if someone wants to judge me based on that, so be it!

Looking “like a mom” should be synonymous with fabulous, fashionable, and confident. If we look like Mrs. Goldberg (above), awesome. Let’s own it. If we want to wear sweats and yoga pants all day. Good. Strut that comfy garb mamas. You go on with your bad selves.

We strive to teach our children that it’s the inside that counts. That self confidence, and a smile on your face are the only accessories that make a woman look beautiful. So let’s own our words, hold our heads high, and look “like moms”. Who’s with me?

mom look

My new head shot by fellow mom and fab photographer Jenn Di Spirito





  1. You are so right B!! I just had this thought today when I was with a group of younger ladies, my first thought was do I look like a “mom”? Then my second thought was yes I do and I look fabulous!! I don’t know why we think it is uncool to look like a mom because we are pretty cool inside and out!’

  2. Terri Smith says:

    Yeah! Well said! I remember not long after I moved back to my hometown I was out buying groceries and kept bumping into the same mom and toddler in every aisle. After it had happened several times the little girl turned to her mom and said, “Mommy, there’s that lady again? Why aren’t her kids with her?” I laughed, but I had a moment of, “what the heck?! When did I become, “that lady!?” and do I really look like a mom?” But then I just thought, “well great, I can’t wait to be a mom, and I’m so glad not to still be the teenager I was when I left this town! And really, while I often think I can look great when I want to, I do opt for comfort and convenience as a big part of my style.

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