Creatures of the Creek Nature Party – My Girl’s 6th Birthday

It’s been a rough month for my little trooper, so when she requested a nature party for her 6th birthday, this mama wanted to deliver the best nature party ever.
My girl has always loved the outdoors, literally hugging trees and cuddling bugs whenever she can, so I thought a party at our local Ecology Centre would be the perfect venue.


Complete with a nature leader, the party included an educational circle time, which covered the anatomy of creatures of the creek, a group craft where the kids made bugs, and a nature walk where the kids were shown how to capture the bugs and larvae living in the natural environment that surrounded us.
Circle time
Creatures of the creek crafts
Learning how to capture bugs and larvae around the creek
My bug-catching birthday girl
Because the party started right after school, I thought I would prepare some healthy snack bags for the kids to enjoy while they learned and explored.
Snacks included Pirate’s Booty, an apple, yogurt raisins, gummy worms, and granola bars
Once the scavenger hunt by the creek came to an end, we hiked back to the Ecology Centre to explore our findings under a microscope. The kids’ eyes lit up as we viewed the little May bugs and creek larvae up close.
Then it was time for cupcakes! I’m lucky enough to have a talented baker for a mother, so she put together this beautiful nature-themed cake for my little birthday girl:
Carrot cake cupcakes with bug chocolates and butterflies, flowers and birds for each child to take home
And of course, no party is complete without the obligatory family photo in front of the birthday cake:
Each child went home with bumblebee or ladybug bubbles, a flower or butterfly balloon, a homemade craft, and a newfound enthusiasm for the nature that surrounds us.
Little explorers
Another successful party that my little girl will hopefully never forget!
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  1. Bianca, this is such an awesome idea for a party and something that the kids sure won’t forget. Love it. And your mom is a marvel. Love the cupcakes. Happy Birthday to your 6-year-old.

  2. Wow, I think that the little princess must have enjoyed each second of her birthday bash.

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