First Day of Kindergarten

She woke up with a worried look on her face. “Do I go to Kindergarten today mommy?” she asked hesitantly. All week she had been excited about the big day, but when the day was finally here, she was nervous.
As she put on her new back-to-school outfit, I told her about all of the exciting things she would learn this year. “I already know everything mommy, there’s nothing more for me to learn”, she proclaimed confidently. “Oh just you wait and see”, I responded.
Before we climbed into the car, I snapped a few shots to mark the momentous occasion:
 After the mini photo shoot, reality set in. She grew anxious and began to walk away from me, quickening her pace as she hurried down the driveway away from the car. “I don’t want to go to Kindergarten mommy, not today”, I heard her mutter as she distanced herself from us.
Reassuringly, I grabbed her hand. “We’ll go together ok sweetie?” I said as I led her back to the car. “Mommy and daddy will be with you every step of the way.”
I saw her eyes widen as we pulled up outside the school. Children of all ages hurried towards the building, and giggles and chatter filled the air. She tugged my hand as we strolled towards the front door.
The classroom was packed with nervous 5 year olds, and even more nervous parents. Some of the parents were looking around intently as they cooed their children, crooked smiles on their faces. A group of moms began sobbing uncontrollably, hugging each other as if they had just lost a loved one. Another group of parents (including myself) huddled in a corner with iPhones and cameras in hand, quietly snapping shots like the paparazzi.
My girl was very excited to discover that two of her friends were in her class, and she quickly settled in and waved goodbye. When we picked her up an hour later, she wore a huge smile on her face, rushing through stories about her new class, and excited to return the next day.
I knew it wouldn’t be as hard as I had anticipated, and now that the first day has passed, I take comfort in knowing that she’s ready, she loves it, and she’ll thrive in her new environment.
Off to class on day 2
And so we begin a new chapter in the book of parenthood…



  1. Oh Wow Miss E handled day 1 of kindergarten like a ROCKSTAR!!! Love the photos and thank you so much for sharing this HUGE milestone.

  2. I love the cute look on her face in the photos! Glad to hear she had a good first day!

  3. Her outfit is just adorable. I remember when I took my boy for his first day of Kindergarten and also I didn’t cry I left with a heavy heart and was just relieved and happy when I picked him up and he had a huge smile on his face. That was 6 years ago… dropping him for his first day of middle school was just as hard!!! Sigh…

  4. Congrats on the successful transition to kindergarten! Glad to hear everyone survived.

  5. First day of K is very exciting! She looked super cute.

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