{FAMILY} Middle Child Problems

Hi I’m Gavin and I’m five and a HALF. I was the baby in the family for four years until my baby sister came along, and I love her so SO much I just want to squish her and cuddle her and kiss her and hug her SO HARD. ALL. THE. TIME. But I get in trouble a lot for not giving her space. They say I’m “smothering her” but whatever, I know she loves me.

middle child

I’m the only boy in my family which SUCKS cause no one wants to play ninja CHOP with me. HI-YA! My big sister plays with me sometimes, but it always has to be what SHE wants to play and that’s SO ANNOYING. But when she doesn’t want to play with me, that’s the WORSTEST so I yell at her and bug her and make her as mad as I can. Maybe if I make her mad enough she’ll change her mind and play ninjas with me.

Sometimes I like to just run as fast as I can and then JUMP and CRASH on the ground and roll around like I’m on a stealth mission, like a ninja spy. It’s the FUNNEST, but my mommy always tells me to be quiet and stop thumping because my baby sister is trying to sleep. It’s like she’s sleeping all the time. Nap times are SO no fun.

Being the middle child is the HORRIBLEST. Here’s why:

My big sister gets to do all the fun stuff. My mommy is always taking my big sister to do things that are fun, like going to concerts, and ballet shows (even though ballet is SO GROSS, and so is Taylor Swift, YUCK).

My baby sister gets ALL the attention. My mommy is always carrying her around and kissing her all the time. I wish I was still a baby so my mom would carry me around. Or I wish that my baby sister would let ME carry her around all the time cause then I could SQUEEZE her and HUG her SO MUCH.

I ALWAYS have to share. When my baby sister came home I had to share a room with my big sister. Then she wanted to be alone so now I have to share a room with the BABY. And I’m not a baby I’m a BIG BOY. So it’s totally no fair. PLUS I have to always share my toys with my baby sister. Whenever I have something she takes it away.

Don’t feel bad for me though cause I have a plan. I’m going to be LOUD, and IN YOUR FACE to make sure no one forgets about me. And I do get lots of kisses which I really like. And snuggles and hugs. I like those a lot. Being the middle child can be rough, but hey, at least I’m not HER.

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