Same Love

“Do you know why this is my favourite lalaloopsy? Because she’s different from all the rest. You know mommy, sometimes you think you want to be the same as everyone else, but after awhile you realize that you just want to be yourself. Because being different is better.”

– Emma, 5

My daughter has always been surrounded by diversity – I have Dutch parents with a Jewish foster brother, a Jamaican foster sister, and two caucasian stepsiblings. I myself am biracial with adopted caucasian parents. She has friends with two moms and two dads. Some with only one parent, many multiracial. And all of these families are full of love. “Modern families” are the new norm in her world.

Because we have always been surrounded by so much diversity, I sometimes forget that there are people in this world who are not accepting of others’ differences. Who do not support same-sex marriages, multiracial adoptions, or families of divorce. And when I am reminded of this reality, it saddens me to my core.

It’s probably for this reason that I was so moved by the song/video by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis called “Same Love”. Check it out below and try not to cry…

Please choose your words wisely when you’re around your kids.
Please teach them to be accepting of everyone, no matter how different they might seem.
Please teach your children that unique is beautiful.
Because underneath, it’s all the same love.


  1. I wish and hope for the strength to raise my daughter (19 months) to be as wise as yours. Her beautiful thoughts speak volumes about you both and your family. Thanks for sharing.

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