The Irony Of Bees

I’m known by many as ‘Bee’. My blog is called ‘Bits of Bee’, and my business is called ‘Bee Communications‘. It’s no secret that  bees have become a big part of my personal and professional brand, and in many ways it’s quite suiting. But to be honest, amongst all of the bee references, I have a confession to make:

I’m actually terribly afraid of bees.

Like – screech and run with my arms flailing and my head spinning when I see a bee – kind of afraid.

But I think where the irony really comes in, is that while that little flying insect terrifies  the buzz out of me, it also serves as a great symbolic representation of two things that I am truly passionate about – my blog, and my business. Because sharing my personal stories on this publicly-accessible, un-erasable platform terrifies me. And starting my own business – forfeiting the comforts of a full-time, financially-secure career to follow my dreams – is one of the most terrifying things that I’ve ever done.

So to become more comfortable around my little personal branding sidekick, I thought I would make a list for myself of the things that I have in common with the fuzzy little buzzers that get my heart racing, in hopes of calming my nerves.

Here are 5 things that I have discovered that I have in common with bees:

1) Bees have 5 eyes. Ok well technically I only have 2, Beesbut I’ve been known to also have eyes on the back of my head. Just ask my kids!

2) Queen bees lay around 1,500 eggs per day. While I only have 3 kids, it can sometimes feel like I have 1,500, so I feel ya sistas.

3) Bees communicate through special bee dances. While their main form of communication is through chemical scents called pheromones, I love that they also have their own dance. Dance has always been a huge part of my life, and I think one of the most effective forms of communication!

4) Bees are visual learners. Bees are not born with the knowledge of how to make honey. Studies have shown that they learn from watching the  older, more experienced bees. I too am definitely a visual learner – having someone show me how to do something new is much more effective than having someone explain it to me without visual support.

5) Bees get very little to no sleep. Samesies. While some scientists have declared that bees do not sleep at all, researchers have found that bees sleep in short bursts – for only 30 seconds at a time on average. But because bees are known to be such hard workers, after only 3-6 weeks after they first take flight, bees literally die of exhaustion, working themselves to death. Sounds like the life of a mom if you ask me!

So there it is. I have no reason to fear my fellow flower-loving friends. We have more in common than I may have thought, and like the bee, I love what I do.


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