The BC Teachers’ Labour Dispute: Why I’m Accepting The Money

I’m not a teacher, and I’m not a politician. But I am a parent, and therefore am affected by the ongoing labour dispute that is happening in BC. Unlike many of the media outlets who are calling this a “BC Teachers’ Strike”, I think it’s important to acknowledge the fact that there are two sides […]

Recipe: Blueberry Turkey Burgers

Last month I had created a bucket list of 20 things to do with my kids – ideas to hopefully keep us busy during the Summer months (aka: how to keep my sanity on the weekdays that I would be spending alone with my 3 kids). On Sunday, I decided to check off the “test our tastebuds” […]

And Then There Were Three

It was a long journey, but my heart is so full as I welcome into our family our newest little one – Cloey Violet Bujan. Born by scheduled C-section on May 28th, my sweet little baby girl entered this world and completed our family. THE BIRTH Due to a long list of complications that arose during my first delivery […]

Mixed Babies: What Will Baby #3 Look Like?

Between my husband and I, we cover 6 nationalities – Trinidadian and English (him), and Macedonian, Irish, African, and German (me). With so many ethnicities under our skin, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what our babies will look like. When I was pregnant with my first, I assumed that our darker genes would […]

He Put WHAT Up His Nose?

It was as though I had emerged from a thick and stifling fog, and inhaled my first breath of fresh air when my boy turned three.The terrible twos were becoming a faded nightmare, and I was lost in the ecstasy of the thriving threes. My boy was starting to use his words, he was wearing underpants, and had […]

A Disney Dream Come True

I’ve written a few posts on how blogging has changed my life and the fantastic opportunities that have come to me through my humble little writing space in the blogosphere. I’ve also shared with you my first family vacation experience with my little ones – a Mexican cruise with some of our closest family members. While […]

Greater Than Two – The Decision

I was sure I was done.So sure in fact that I sold my stroller, donated all of my maternity clothes, and passed down all of my kids’ outgrown clothing to friends. But after some careful consideration, and a little persuasion from my hubby and some adorable baby friends, I had a change of heart.I can’t narrow […]

What The Eff Should I Make For Dinner?

There are two things that I dread each and every day as a busy mommy of two: 1) Making lunches. 2) Trying to decide what the eff to make for dinner. For you chef extraordinaires, there’s an awesome site with a similar title to my blog post that gives you some great dinner ideas (you […]

A Superhero’s Party

My boy is rarely seen without a hood on his head, and will often only respond to the name “Batman”, so it only seemed fitting to throw him a superhero party in celebration of his third year. I paid a visit to my favourite party store and scooped up everything Batman-themed I could find. Superhero POW! and […]

Waaa-lentine’s Day

I remember a time when Valentine’s Day was all about the element of surprise. The anticipation of a romantic evening, a bouquet of roses, and quality time with the one you love. A time when dinner reservations were made, formal attire was worn and candles were lit. Sentimental words were inscribed lovingly on heart-shaped cards, […]